A Canadian-based Zambian lawyer says Minister of Finance Margaret Mwanakatwe needs to check herself into rehab because alcoholism is a serious illness which can be treated through rehabilitation.

A video of Mwanakatwe dozing in a suspected drunken state while deliberations at the National Dialogue Forum were going on has gone viral on social media and attracted sharp criticism.

Munshya shared the video on his page and advised Mwanakatwe to check into rehab.

“Alcoholism is an illness. It can be treated through rehabilitation. As a mental health worker, I do sympathize greatly with the predicament of Mrs. Mwanakatwe. She needs to check herself into rehab. There’s nothing shameful about rehab. Mental health is a real issue and I hope both President Lungu and the dissolved NDF do something about this issue,” stated Munshya.

“You can’t have a whole Minister of Finance being referred to as Aunty Dizzy. This isn’t right particularly that she can be treated.”