Chief Chitanda of the Lenje-speaking people in Chibombo District has asked President Edgar Lungu to consider working on the Lusaka-Chitambo road to allow for easy movement of people, goods and services.

Speaking to journalists after witnessing the field day for Cattle Wealth Management Firm in Ipongo area, Saturday, chief Chitanda said he did not believe in the delivery of development by government based on tribal lines.

“I believe in the unity of ‘one Zambia, one nation,’ with no discrimination on ethnic or religious grounds. In John 12 vs 14-20 [the Bible assures us that] Jesus says: come through me and whatever you want, God provides. Similarly, we have the ruling party in this country and we’ve got our President, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, as the Head of State whom we look up to for our needs in terms of development. The Head of State has designated responsibilities to our councillors, members of parliament and the chiefs, and it’s through that process that development flows through up to this chiefdom,” Chief Chitanda said.

“I am, therefore, appealing to his Excellency to assist us with working on this road. We have been facing a lot of challenges getting our goods to the roadside and it’s difficult to trade with a road such as ours. Can we have this road from Chitanda to the Lusaka-Kabwe highway worked on? We are really pleading with the President because we are suffering! I am pleading with his Excellency as I insist on ‘one Zambia one nation,’ with no tribalism!”

He said he did not believe in the tribal delivery of development because Zambia was a unitary state.

“Just like all the previous Heads of State, please continue taking development to all corners of this country, without looking at the region. In Zambia, we do not believe in segregating because we are a Christian nation. And for me as Chief Chitanda, I don’t believe in bloodshed and segregation. Therefore, I wish to invite everyone to come and settle here if they so wish, I have enough land that needs development,” he said.

Chief Chitanda also called on his fellow chiefs to turn to God in prayer whenever they were faced with problems.

“Me, as Chief Chitanda, I am a prayerful chief and even appealing to all other chiefs always turn to God whenever they face challenges. In my endeavour to develop this area as a chief, I have dedicated part of the salary I get from government to build a church within my chiefdom. This church is not for a specific denomination, but for every Christian. So, the next time, Mr President, when you visit my chiefdom, I’m inviting you to come and see the church that I am building,” said chief Chitanda.