Zambia Union of Nurses Organization (ZUNO) president Tisa Chiponda has asked government to take over Malcom Wattson Hospital from Mopani Copper Mines Limited in Mufulira District for alleged failure to run the facility.

Speaking at a media briefing held at Katilungu House in Kitwe, Monday, Chiponda said the mining company exhibited failure to run the health facility by shutting all wards in the hospital.

And Chiponda said the union had information that the mine was planning on demoting the said hospital into a clinic and moving the main health services to Wusakile Hospital.

She said the Union would not support the decision because they feared that nurses would remain jobless.

“I’m very hurt and sad with the happenings surrounding Mopani and I will emphasis on health because every person needs to be healthy. As a union, the only enemy we have is a disease. So if MCM touches Malcom Watson Hospital…and they are saying that they are closing all the wards and move them to Kitwe and remain running it as a clinic. We as the nurses will lose our jobs. And when Mopani took over this hospital, it was given to them on a silver plate, with all the services and schools for free,” Chiponda said.

And Chipinda said it is better if the government to reposses the hospital and continue delivering the health services to the people in the district.

“We know the Mine is able to run the hospital. They have a lot of resources to fund it. Therefore shutting it will not be allowed it’s either they run it or government takes over,” said Chiponda.