Renowned PF cadre Max Chongu has welcomed PF Secretary General Davies Mwila’s decision to introduce a social media monitoring team to prevent abuse.

But Munir Zulu says it is dangerous that some people don’t want to hear the truth.

Recently, Mwila announced that the ruling party was in the process of constituting a social media monitoring team to deter its members from insulting the top leadership using various platforms.

But in an interview, Chongu said some people were using social media to fight battles which were not theirs hence the move was a welcome one.

“This was a decision which was arrived at after necessary consultations. You will agree with me that lately, a lot of people have become excited because of the same technology. They are using social media to fight battles which are not there, they are using social media to bring divisions, and they are using social media to propel hatred. So it’s a very good decision that the party has made and I support it whole heartedly because that is going to cut down on people that are running to the media to fight, disrespect, or demean the leadership of PF. You cannot pretend to be a PF member if you want to disrespect its leadership. PF has got structures that have to be followed and there is no way one would become a member of the PF structure and become bigger than the party itself,” Chongu said.

Chongu said he supports Mwila’s decision 110 per cent.

“That decision is good in the sense that it will expose those that are trying to be PF members when they are not PF members. So I support the SG 110 per cent for coming up with that. So whoever wants to use the name PF in blogs or on other media platforms should register themselves so that if anything happens, the party will be able to identify who did what? So the party has got hierarchy and channels which must be followed when someone wants to air their grievances,” said Chongu.

Meanwhile, Zulu said people didn’t want to be told the truth.

“I am in a couple of WhatsApp groups but I am not an administrator in any one of them. However, you cannot tell me that people are this ignorant that they don’t know that they have been added to a WhatsApp group. That is not true because we have seen cabinet ministers posting greetings and social things in WhatsApp groups. So how can you claim not to know that you are in a group? Are you telling me that they do not know how to exit a group? No. I think ignorance shouldn’t be a defence there. People don’t just want to be told the truth, which is dangerous. Why is it that they only entertain youths that do not know how to use the same WhatsApp?” asked Zulu.