Former Finance Minister Katele Kalumba should be the last person to talk about financial crimes because he ran away from corruption charges and went in the bush to hide in a laptop, former chief government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has charged.

Yesterday, Kalumba said the Financial Intelligence Centre should be realigned to another institution such as the Office of the President Special Division to end the duplication of responsibilities which have created conflict among some government institutions.

But Kambwili charged that Kalumba was not the right person to talk about issues of corruption because he turned into a fugitive after leaving public office.

“Today I woke up to a rude shock after reading the Daily Nation news paper where Mr Katele Kalumba is saying ‘FIC must be abolished and put under the office of the President’. What a big joke. And of all the people, it should never be Katele Kalumba to talk about issues of corruption in this country. Mr Katele Kalumba should know that at some point, he disappeared when he was being pursued for corruption and went to hide in the bush, in a laptop. Today he is the one who should be lecturing us about corruption? No Mr Kalumba. I think when it comes to matters of corruption, some people must be excused from commenting on them. Katele Kalumba should be the last people to even attempt to rubbish the FIC and its Trends Report. I can only tell Katele Kalumba that shut up!Just shut up on corruption because you are part of the vice,” said Kambwili.