As members of parliament in the UPND, we are resolute and united in ensuring that we do not betray the trust that our voters and the country has bestowed on us, says Mbabala UPND lawmaker Ephraim Belemu.

On Monday, National Democratic Congress (NDC) president Chishimba Kambwili expressed concern over the loyalty of some of the UPND members of parliament to the Opposition Alliance, saying he was uncertain that the Alliance would contest the 2021 elections as a united force.

“…If the UPND, who are our only hope, could behave the way they did then there is absolutely nothing that we can do. And I have to be speaking to president HH because we are in an Alliance and I would want to address his MPs to plead with, more especially those who went to attend the NDF, to plead with their conscience and not sell the people Zambia. Please, UPND MPs, don’t sell us, we are banking on you [for] the future of our country,” said Kambwili.

But addressing Kambwili’s concerns in an interview, Belemu assured Zambians that UPND MPs would not betray them.

“As members of parliament in the UPND, we are resolute and united in ensuring that we do not betray the trust our voters, and generally the country as a whole, has bestowed on us. We are cognizant of this enormous responsibility we carry on behalf of the so many Zambians and in this regard, we are agreed and committed to that cause. Therefore, for now, our stakeholders must not be apprehensive of any likely betrayal, but rather continue to stand with us and the majority of the Zambian citizens in ensuring any ‘back-door’ attempt to amend the Constitution is rejected. However, encouraging each other and reminding us of this duty is a continuous activity and should be expected in any struggle,” said Belemu.

“The NDF is behind us and now our focus as UPND MPs and other stakeholders is on what is ahead of us. I’m sure at the end of the day, history will absolve us for standing with the majority of the well-meaning citizens and choosing to stand on the side of duty. If I get the gist of the statement correctly, honourable Kambwili is rendering advice and as a key stakeholder just like the so many others are doing and that is fine with us. Therefore, just as I indicated, we are committed, but that does not stop the various stakeholders from advising or, indeed, encouraging us, especially those of us who are privileged to be in Parliament.”