Lusaka Water Sewerage and Company (LWSC) public relations officer Nshamba Muzungu says the utility is losing a lot of water due to leakages from pipelines caused by contractors, warning that legal action would soon be taken if left unchecked.

In a statement, Muzungu charged that legal action would be taken for damages that arose from negligence and non-adherence to procedure, which had triggered huge water losses for the utility.

“Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company Ltd (LWSC) has observed with concern the increasing damage to water and sewer pipelines due to various developments, such as excavations for road construction, drainages, fibre optic and boundary wall fences. The company is losing a lot of water due to leakages from pipelines damaged by contractors. This is also disrupting normal water supply and as a result the company is losing business as well,” stated Muzungu.

“We wish to advise all contractors and developers not to undertake any excavations adjacent to water supply and sanitation infrastructure without approval from Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company. Further, contractors should immediately inform LWSC whenever there is damage to LWSC infrastructure and not proceed to repair or conceal the damage. The contractors shall not only be liable for repair costs, but also for loss of business. Legal action shall also be taken for such damage arising from negligence and non-adherence to procedure.”