The National AIDS Council in Luapula Province has reserved 450,000 condoms for the seven traditional ceremonies in the province.

Luapula National AIDS Coordinator Nathan Kabwe said his office had put strategies to have sufficient stock of both male and female condoms during the traditional ceremonies such as the Umutomboko traditional ceremony that is taking place this Saturday in Mwansabomwe district.

“Actually, it is not only the Umutomboko to receive condoms, this season that we are in as a Province, we have about seven traditional ceremonies which will run up to November and together with the Ministry of Health, we will make sure we have sufficient stocks of condoms,” he said.

Kabwe added that with the stock of both male and female condoms which the AIDS Council had, it would ensure they were made available to all the people that would attend the traditional ceremonies.

“I can rest assure you that we are geared as the National AIDS Council to serve the people at the traditional ceremonies and we have officers at all the district levels that are making sure that the orders and the condom promotions are put in place,” said Kabwe.

Kabwe said for all the seven traditional events that were yet to take place in the province, the Council intended to use 400,000 male condoms and 50,000 female condoms.