NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili has insisted that President Edgar Lungu is a thief and therefore, his name is Pompwe.

And Kambwili has urged the people of Mansa not to be cheated by their member of parliament Dr Chitalu Chilufya saying he only resurfaces when it’s election time.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Mansa, Saturday, where he went to drum up support for his party’s Lwingishi ward candidate Saviour Mulenga, Kambwili insisted that calling President Lungu a thief was not an insult.

“Don’t fear the president because he is human like you. Even I here can become a president, surely will you start fearing me if I became president? The President is not God. I have on several occasions told the President that ‘niwebo pompwe, mushibila insala’ pantu mwalibila abantu sana (you are a thief because you have stolen enough from the people)…And Lungu and all those who are stealing public resources, start rehabilitating prisons because when I come, that will be your home,” Kambwili said.

“Aba Bemba batila ati umwine wacisushi tafwisa amate (the one who farts does not spit because of the smell of his own farts) so Lungu is the owner of corruption because he is also corruption. Laura Miti, Pilato and the team stood up to protest against corruption and he said ‘just ignore them,’ Kambwili tries to talk about corruption, he orders for my arrest. Lungu never worked for anything he has today, he never even stood like I am doing today to promise you that I will do this for you. So Lungu is a thief and his name is Pompwe.”

He also described President Lungu as a rough driver.

“I know others are wondering why I did not do some of these things when I was also in government? If you are on a bus and anything happens to the bus, police will arrest the driver of the bus and not the conductor. When I was in government, [Michael] Sata was a good driver but Lungu came in as a rough driver such that if you had a running stomach, you could mess on yourself. So my appeal to you is please give me powers to be your driver. I know how suffering is because I have suffered and I wouldn’t want my fellow Zambian to suffer the same,” Kambwili said.

Kambwili said a lot of ministers have become richer than they were.

“Nga cakutila tamwilwike uku fumya ubuteko bwa bakabolala pantu Lungu naba minister babo niba pompwe, bamushibila nsala (if you don’t rise to remove this government of thieves from power because Lungu and his ministers are thieves),” Kambwili said.

And Kambwili urged the people of Mansa not to be cheated by Dr Chilufya saying he only resurfaced when it was election time.

“You know Chitalu Chilufya well, did he have those big cheeks he has today? If you elect someone in office, and after you elect him, he goes missing and then just because there are elections today, he comes and tells you that ‘we will finish this school’ a secondary school which looks like a bird’s nest. That’s how a school in a constituency where there is a minister looks like? Go and see how I refurbished Roan Hospital when I was minister. If you were to be admitted at Roan Hospital today and then you get discharged, you would refuse to go back home and ask for your days to be extended a bit because of the clean environment,” said Kambwili.