An 18-year-old Chingola man has stabbed his friend to death after he refused to give him some privacy with his girlfriend.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said the incident happened between August 13th at 22:00 hours and August 14th at 05:00 hours.

“A-24-year old man of Chingola has been stabbed to death by his friend for refusing to leave space of a shared room for him to do the unthinkable with his girlfriend,” Katanga said.

“It is suspected that Mwape Sukumanga, 24, of 25 Monze Rd Maiteneke, Chiwempala Township went home after a drinking spree with his girlfriend to the one roomed house he rented with his friend.”

Katanga said a dispute ensued after Sukumanga had asked for some space but his friend Jones Mutale, who was asleep, refused to leave the room.

The Copperbelt police chief said Mutale used a knife to stab his friend.

“Sukumanga sustained a deep cut on the left side of the chest, deep cuts on the back and a cut on the forehead. The deceased’s body is in Nchanga North General Hospital awaiting post-mortem. The assailant has been arrested,” said Katanga.

And police sources said the girlfriend would be questioned for further investigations in the matter.