PF deputy chief whip Tutwa Ngulube has charged that Professor Muna Ndulo and John Sangwa State Counsel must have woken up drunk for them to think of suing an immune President over the Constitution Amendment Bill No.10.

And Ngulube says he has heard that LAZ President Eddie Mwitwa wants to stand as Lusaka Central member of parliament on the UPND ticket in 2021.

Speaking when he featured on Pan African Radio’s News Feed programme, however, Ngulube said his camp was not in a rush to push for Mwitwa’s impeachment, saying they were giving him ample time to call for an extraordinary LAZ general meeting where the controversial bill would be discussed.

“We have had people like Professor Muna Ndulo. He is a professor, he is an academician, he has written a lot of books which we read. He has forgotten what he wrote in his book saying that when you want to change the Constitution, you should consult people as widely as possible. He is now saying seven people are needed to sit and look at the entire Constitution, so we are saying Professor is wrong. Right now, as we are speaking, the President is not a member of parliament as an ordinary MP. The President is an MP when Parliament is considering the presidential speech. So you have already sued the National Assembly, the Attorney General and then you come in and bring in the President. It shows that either these people do not know what they are doing, these people are dozing, they are sleeping. They wake up early in the morning very tired and drunk or they are deliberately doing so to embarrass the President. Because I do not think SC John Sangwa does not know, because he was my lecturer. He taught me that nobody can sue a President because he has immunity. He said you can only sue the Attorney General but I am surprised that in 2019, he is suing the president,” Ngulube said.

And Ngulube said he had information that Mwitwa wanted to stand as Lusaka Central member of parliament on the UPND ticket in 2021.

“Mwitwa has engaged in politics. He has sided with people he is not supposed to side with. He has gone against the wishes of the association. The association agreed that we are going to have an extra ordinary general meeting of LAZ to agree on how to move forward on the bill. He decided to rush the association to court so these two amount to gross misconduct. I am PF but I cannot take my PF politics to the association. If he wants to join politics and stand in Lusaka Central as we have heard, he might stand on a political party ticket of whatever, he should leave LAZ. If it is true that Mr Mwitwa has joined UPND, he must leave LAZ to somebody who is neutral that is all we are asking of him,” he said.

Ngulube, whom Mwitwa threatened with a legal suit over accusations that he had been paid to fight Bill 10, also said the LAZ president was dividing the association.

Ngulube, however, said he would not push for Mwitwa’s impeachment but give him an opportunity to “make amends”.

“Our brother Eddie Mwitwa should not have gone to court. He should not have sued the President because he has divided the association. We are divided right now, those who support the President are on one side, those who oppose the President are on the other side and we are saying we cannot look at the national document like the Constitution if we are a divided house. We are not in a hurry to impeach him. Of course we will give him time to make amends. We will give him time to correct the mistakes that we think he has made, we might have also committed our own mistakes. We do not want, as an association, to be used to jump on a political bandwagon and run with it. We want an association that is neutral, that can stand up and guide government. We feel Mr Mwitwa is dragging the association in dangerous waters,” said Ngulube.

“Starting tomorrow until Friday, I am going to make efforts to meet him in person to give him a letter instructing or requesting him to call for the extra ordinary general meeting that the members agreed upon at Intercontinental. Because we agreed that do not sue before we understand what is in the Bill.”