Party of National Unity (PNU) president Highvie Hamududu says the best way to conclude debates surrounding the controversial Constitutional Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019 is through a formal Parliamentary process.

In an interview, Hamududu said to avoid anarchy, a Parliamentary process was ideal in putting debates on the “quite progressive” bill to bed.

“The formal way to conclude the issues around the Constitution of Zambia, Amendment Bill, No 10 of 2019 is at Parliament. There has been a lot of talk in the media and the streets, time has come to make whatever arguments one has through a formal process at Parliament. While it is important to express oneself anywhere, what we must all know is that laws are made at Parliament. Whatever position one has on the bill, it will only be formally heard at Parliament. The discourse in the media and streets has been robust, time has now come to put those good arguments and positions in writing and be heard formally. That is the right thing to do and orderly way to settle matters in a democracy. There must be a conclusion to any discussion in a civilised and formal manner, to avoid anarchy in national matters. The parliamentary process is the most credible and transparent route in this matter,” Hamudud said.

Hamududu insisted that the proposed Amendment Bill number 10 was “quite progressive” adding that it would be a de-service to the nation to throw it away without subjecting it to a Parliamentary process.

“There are good and non-controversial articles in the bill and it will be a big de-service to the nation to wash away such with political bath water. For example, we need to put in place a mechanism in law to stop by-elections that have been too costly to our country. We have done away with Presidential by-elections through the 2016 amendments that brought in a running mate clause. Can’t we go further and provide for a less costly way of dealing with a vacancy at parliamentary and council levels? Some Amendments in bill no. 10 are technical in nature from specialised sector experts, for example on Central Bank functions. This particular one is a proposal from our central bank experts and lets hear them. Some of the amendments are operational issues which don’t fit in our usual and routine politicking. Therefore, let everyone submit and be heard at Parliament,” said Hamududu.