Kambwili is already a dead man, no one can kill him – Mumbi

PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri says it is a waste of time for anyone to kill National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili because he is already a dead man who must prepare for the consequences of the allegations he continues to make against others.

Earlier this week when Kambwili was summoned to appear before the Drug Enforcement Commission for questioning over the drug allegations he made against Lusaka Businessman Valden Findlay, the former chief government spokesperson begged the PF regime not to murder him buy injecting him with poison while in detention.

But in an interview, Phiri said there was no benefit in anyone killing a man who was a moving corpse, just like her who suffers from diabetes.

“Who can kill Kambwili? He is already a dead man! Who can kill Mumbi Phiri? I am already dead! A person’s life is in the hands of God, not a human being. But really, there is nobody who would want to kill Kambwili, what benefit would one even get from that, anyway? And why was he arrested in the first place? He should be ready for consequences when he does anything against the law. But then I think he just needs God’s intervention because I think that devil which possessed him when he insulted the Tonga’s is the same devil, which has come back to possess him, so let us just pray for him. Otherwise, nobody can kill Kambwili because we are all moving copses. Honourable Kambwili is diabetic just like me, we are already dead! So, who would want to commit a crime for killing an-already dead body? Or go to hell for killing an already dead person?” Phiri wondered.

And Phiri told Kambwili to be ready for the consequences that came with his continued disparaging remarks and false accusations against others.

“He should be ready for consequences! He shouldn’t think he can just do as he pleases. The Drug Enforcement Commission are right to summon him because they have to get details to support his allegations. Like for example: I am in court with Kambwili because I want him to prove in court if the allegations he levelled against me are true. So, he shouldn’t be accusing people and expect them to just take it lying down. Look, DEC has a mandate to deal with drug-related crimes, it’s their job to deal with drug traffickers. So, why should he misunderstand? In our language we say mukula mbulu ayange na maka (don’t start what you can’t handle),” said Phiri.

“So, he’s starting these things and he should be ready to answer when he’s called upon. The allegations he’s making against people, some of them are very unfair and he should know that some of the allegations he’s making are not only destroying individuals, they are destroying generations. The children to that person who is accused of something and their grandchildren get affected. So, some of these things need to be cleared, and I hope the DEC will get to the bottom of this.”