Former State House press aide Amos Chanda has told party functionaries that it is reverse logic for them to tear each other down in a manner that threatens their stay in office.

Speaking during a party retreat organized by the “PF Vision Ambassadors” at Kafue River Cliff, Saturday, Chanda said it was becoming difficult to differentiate between opposition and ruling party activism on social media platforms because of the manner in which PF officials were raising their grievances.

This is according to the summary of Chanda’s speech as shared by State House-run Smart Eagles.

“We cannot raise grievances, however genuine they may be, in the same way opposition parties do; sometimes it is becoming difficult to differentiate between opposition activism and PF party activism on social media platforms. Often times we give the opposition leads to attack us. As insiders, your voices carry greater credibility even when it is not true. We can vent out frustrations internally but not in a manner that helps the opposition. The purpose of any party political formation is to acquire power to preside over the affairs of state in line with their ideological propositions.The locus of this power lies in the state; if we have this power how can we tear one another in a manner that threatens this very power? This is somewhat reverse logic, which an intellectual outfit like yours cannot fall into,” Chanda said.

Chanda said it was unacceptable to “recklessly” criticise President Edgar Lungu in public while claiming to be mobilizing the party.

“The main opposition seems to exist inside rather than from outside. There are certain positions are that are off the limits; you can’t criticize the leader of the party recklessly in public and still claim to be mobilizing the party,” he said.

“I have seen with great surprise open rebukes against the President, SG (secretary general), ministers and other top leaders from within the rank and file of the party via social media; and often times feeding into the menace of fake news which is damaging individuals and institutions. Demographics, history, peculiarities ought to be analyzed: you need to be more organized; detailed, evidenced-based. Where is the opposition winning? Winning big enough to change the status quo? Where are we losing and why?”

Chanda reminded youths of their rights to complain to the party secretary general against any minister who was not giving them answers.

“If you are not getting explanations from ministers, you have every right to complain to the secretary general who is basically the main whip between the party and government policy. Such frustrations cannot be spewed online as the practice has been in recent months. Infrastructure development is impressive, unprecedented since UNIP. Remember, the concept of loyal opposition does not exist here so be wary of everything they say and be slow to join their arguments,” said Chanda.