Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Vincent Mwale says government has paid US$265 million out of the total project sum of US$360 to the contractor who is upgrading the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA).

And Mwale says 85 per cent of the works have so far been done and the project is expected to be completed in April 2021.

Mwale said this in a ministerial statement to Parliament, Tuesday.

“After the signing of a contract with China Jianxi Corporation for International Economic and Technical Cooperation on upgrading of the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) commenced on 21st April 2015 and works are expected to be completed on 20th April 2021. The new completion date is an extension from initial date of 20th October 2019. The project total cost is, of course, US$360 million. The scope works include the designing and construction of a presidential pavilion, new passenger terminal, commercial complex, airport shopping mall, office park, new warehousing facilities, extension of the taxiway, the rehabilitation and conversion of the new existing terminal into a new terminal [in order] to cater for domestic flights,” Mwale said.

He said the overall progress at KKIA was standing at 85 per cent

“Mr Speaker, from the start of the implementation, notable deliverables have been registered with the overall progress currently standing at 85 per cent. Progress under each of the specific facilities is as follows: passenger terminal building 92 per cent, presidential pavilion 87 per cent, control tower 95 per cent, fire and rescue station 100 per cent, taxiway station 92 per cent, warehousing facilities 97 per cent, warehousing facilities apron 97 per cent, hotel 90 per cent, shopping mall 95 per cent, air traffic control tower 85 per cent, office park 96 per cent, apron for presidential pavilion 100 per cent, water tank and pump house 100 per cent, and terminal apron 90 per cent,” Mwale said.

“Out of the total loan amount of US$360 million, about US $268 million has so far been certified and US$265 million has been paid to the contractor. Rehabilitation and conversion of exiting terminal to domestic terminal will only commence once the new facility is completed and operational.”

Meanwhile, Mwale said 49 per cent of the works at the Copperbelt International Airport had been done with US$182 million paid to the contractor.

“I wish to remind the House that the contractor for Copperbelt International Airport is Avic International Holding Corporation. The contract sum is US$397 million with a contract period of 36 months. The project commenced on 16th October 2017 and is expected to be completed in October 2020. The scope of work include design and construction of passenger terminal, 3.5 kilometre of runway and associated taxiways, air traffic control building, fire and rescue station, car parks and airport roads, fuel farm, cargo terminal, aircraft hanger, business complex, hotel, power supply facilities, water supply facilities, and police station. To date, a total of US $191 million has been certified and US $182 million has been paid. The overall cumulative progress of the airport is at 49 per cent,” said Mwale.