NDC national youth chairman Charles Kabwita says Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja must resign from office for allegedly embracing a “gun culture” among political party cadres.

And Kabwita says there will be total chaos in the country if Kanganja is allowed to continue to serve as Inspector General of the Zambia Police Service.

Reacting to a shooting incident in Kaoma District of Western Province where a UPND cadre died after being shot by his PF counterpart, Kabwita, in an interview, said the habit of arming youths with guns, if not addressed, would cause problems for the country.

“We wish to call upon Mr [Kakoma] Kanganja to resign from his position as Inspector General of Police with immediate effect. We feel that if we continue with this man whom we realise, unfortunately, that he cannot be fired by the person who hired him, and if he continues staying in office, there will be total chaos in Zambia. Gun culture today has been escalated by the PF members with impunity and the police are failing to execute their mandate as enshrined in the constitution with fear of victimization. The PF youths have become so powerful to an extent where they are the ones calling the shots. As NDC youths, we feel that the rate at which PF youths are controlling the police if not checked will cause a lot of problems for our country,” Kabwita said.

He charged that youths were injuring each other with guns and pangas while Kanganja watched.

“Today, youths have been empowered with guns, and pangas in PF. [With Kanganja] at the helm [of the Police Service], a lot of people have been injured, with others dying in cold blood and a lot of PF cadres are left scot free. They are being protected by the state through Mr Kanganja. I feel it is prudent that this man resigns on moral grounds. If Mr Kanganja dares to prolong his stay as Inspector General when we change government in 2021, he will be tried by the International Criminal Court. Obert Katongo, my former provincial youth chairman for Lusaka, was axed to death and the dockets are there in Mpatamato, and up to today, Mr Knganja has not given an instruction to his officers to arrest the suspects,” said Kabwita.

“My appeal to Mr Kanganja is that if he wants to prolong his stay in office, can he once and for all be professional. Can he go to Kaoma and make sure that he disarms and arrests those PF cadres who shot the UPND cadre to death. As youths in the NDC, we feel that if this practice continues, there will be bloodshed in 2021. And as youths in the NDC, we forever want to maintain unity and peace but Mr Kanganja and his people are failing to execute their mandate because State House and the Minister of Home Affairs are now controlling the affairs of police officers who are trained unfortunately. I think the noble way is for Mr Kanganja to resign and pave way for someone who is competent and someone who will not be a cadre because that position is very sensitive.”