Kanchibiya PF member of parliament Dr Martin Malama has insisted that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema should explain why his party is associated with the African Liberal Network (ALN), an organisation that supports gay rights.

Speaking on Radio Christian Voice’s programme The ChatBack, Monday, Dr Malama said it was a fact that the UPND was a member of the ALN.

“Yes I have challenged my brother HH on the association of his political party with the ALN and I will show you why. When you go to the site of the ALN, you will see where they say that ALN supports, without reservation, the right of lesbians transgender and other asexual minorities. Now me as a Christian when I found this information I have asked my brother HH to explain. Your party is lined up under this network which supports and promotes homosexuality. Can you answer me, and people want answers. All he has answered is he is an elder in the SDA church, he hasn’t answered but UPND continues to be a member of this,” Dr Malama observed.

And Dr Malama called on law enforcement agencies not to favour any person who engages in violence, irrespective of the political affiliation.

“We members of the ruling party and the opposition we work together every day. We spend time together. There is no need for pangas. We need to spare the political space out of firearms and also to advice my colleagues, those who have remained in the police service and those that have been recruited to make sure that violent acts are followed up to make sure perpetrators of violence are brought to book. You talked about what transpired in Kaoma and unfortunately a loss of life. When you talk about law enforcement agencies, you should not be able to look at political parties. When I was in the Copperbelt when MMD was in power, we could arrest even a provincial chairman if they break the law. As a police officer, you have a right to follow lawful orders,” advised Dr Malama.