NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili says Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) Liquidator Milingo Lungu has no right to warn KCM employees should stop participating in partisan politics.

And Kambwili says Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo should be tamed because he has gone “overboard”.

Speaking to journalists after a court appearance, Monday, Kambwili warned Lungu to stop using KCM for political expedience.

“I want to warn Milingo Lungu the liquidator at Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) to stop using KCM for political expedience because if you continue on that trajectory, we are going to take legal action against you. The Constitution of this republic is very clear. It only excludes civil servants from participating in active politics it does not exclude people who work for KCM. That memo that Milingo Lungu has written to all employees at KCM that those who are in active politics should be fired must be withdrawn. Milingo you have not gone there as Chief Executive Officer for KCM you have gone there as a liquidator there is no way you can start issuing threats to employees who belong to the opposition to stop being in active politics,” Kambwili said.

“If you want to go on that trajectory, I can tell you that PF is going to be bruised more than the opposition because in that KCM, about 20 employees are councilors so if you are saying employees at KCM cannot participate in active politics, then fire all the 20 PF councilors. You see, be careful the way you want to use that KCM. You are using it as a cash cow for PF because all the contractors who are there have been removed and you have brought PF ministers and PF cadres they are the ones who are doing contracts at KCM. Let me tell you Milingo Lungu that the people that have appointed you as liquidator will be not be in government in perpetuity you will come and answer to that kind of nonsense!”

Kambwili said Milingo shouldn’t run down KCM.

“And by the way, pay KCM workers their dues. Secondly, you have removed ten percent responsibility allowance from the senior staff give them back! You don’t play with conditions of service for people. Conditions of service must be going up they should not be going down. You are not there to buy equipment for the mines. How can a liquidator be planning to buy 20 pieces of equipment to run the mine? Were you sent there to run the mines or to liquidate? We are watching you KCM is a very important asset to this country it employs in excess of 18,000 people don’t play with it don’t bring KCM down so that by the time you will be giving it to investors there will be nothing to talk about,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kambwili said Lusambo needed to be tamed because he was overzealous.

“And I have told you, this government is chipante pante (has no direction) some kabova (thugs) member of parliament goes to Munali and says ifi nkasange mwatoba nichalo cha ba wishi? (I should find you have demolished these structures, is this your father’s country?) Umuntu paku kula inganda (when a person is building a house, [they] spend a lot of money lekeni ukusamwa aya amaka bami pela they are not absolute (stop being overzealous these powers you are given are not absolute) they can be checked,” said Kambwili.

“And then the Minister of Local government says ‘nobody should demolish until we investigate and the president says ‘when you hear ministers speak, it is me speaking’. Nangu ifibupa fi minister filelanda niwebo ba Lungu? (Even when the foolish ministers are speaking, it is you Mr President?) Are you not ashamed? This guy who is minister here in Lusaka Province (Bowman Lusambo) must be tamed! He has gone above board. You can’t just walk into some premises and start directing things to be demolished. Those people have title deeds, who gave them title deeds for you to start saying ‘they don’t call me die hard for nothing’? This is not your mother’s or father’s country. Behave and follow the rules! I want to thank Minister of Local government (Charles) Banda what you have done is correct investigate and find out how those people got the plots.”