Three people are nursing serious injuries in Mazabuka general hospital after they were attacked by a furious leopard on Monday afternoon in Makoye village of Chief Mwanachingwala’s chiefdom in Mazabuka district.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo named the victims in a statement, Tuesday, as Oliver Moonga, Clever Kandesha and Copson Chisuta aged 19, 27 and 38 respectively, all of Chisuta village of Chief Mwanachingwala’s area.

“Mazabuka Police received a report in which three people were attacked by a Leopard on 11th November, 2019 around 17:00 hours in Makoye area in Chief Mwanachingwala. The victims were attacked by a wild Leopard in Makoye area of Chief Mwanachingwala. It was reported that the wild animal first attacked Oliver Moonga who had gone to the field to prepare his field and he sustained multiple cuts on the buttocks and waist,” stated Katongo.

“The Leopard then attacked Clever Kandesha who went to the rescue of the first victim after he shouted for help. He also sustained deep cuts on both hands and the head. The animal later climbed a tree and was later shot in the stomach by Jona Mwila aged 35 also of Chisuta village using a shot gun and it fell from the tree and attacked the last person Copson Chisuta who sustained deep cuts on the right leg and bruised right hand before it died. The carcass of the said Leopard is kept at Mazabuka police station whilst the victims are admitted to Mazabuka General Hospital.”

Katongo explained that this matter was reported to Mazabuka police by Headman Chisuta whose birth name is Alden Chisuta aged 50 of Chisuta village in Chief Mwanachingwala of Mazabuka District.