PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri has charged that News Diggers Journalists have allowed to be used by the UPND to spread propaganda in order to get diplomatic jobs when the opposition party forms government.

And Mumbi says the media as a Fourth Estate must strive to be objective, instead of of promoting political agenda.

The former nominated member of parliament whose appointment was revoked by President Edgar Lungu to pave way for the nomination of Finance Minister Dr Bwalya Ng’andu, said she was disappointed with News Diggers over the publication of the Mukula smuggling investigation which implicated President Lungu.

“Aren’t you ashamed as the media, imwe bene ba [News] Diggers, that when the story came out to say President Edgar Lungu and the daughter were the owners of the 48 houses you reported every day. But now, from the way things have been unfolding, just after finding out that the owner of the 48 houses is the nephew to [former finance minister] Situmbeko Musokotwane, you have gone quiet. Why have you kept quiet? has anyone commented? Why have you kept quiet about the 48 houses now that you know the owner? Why haven’t you continued reporting about the 48 houses, now 51 houses? Even this story which they are claiming that ba Lungu and the daughter are involved in smuggling Mukula, when the truth comes out, you will keep quiet again, why?” she asked.

“Let us have morals, ubuntu! Us we are human beings. The second thing is about the Mpulungu shooting. How can somebody feel proud [to say that] PF went and started celebrating the win in the UPND camp and so they were provoked. …Let us call a spade a spade. And you as the Fourth Estate, help us. Don’t be used by UPND, don’t be biased because you are looking for a diplomatic job, when you see Chansa Kabwela, Henry Ngilazi, Malupenga, they have become what they have become, that was their time. And I can tell you, it is us who started as PF and don’t think that we can be so foolish. Look, when you meet a prostitute in the bar, and you marry her, do you think she will allow you to continue going back to the bar where you met her?”