Patriotic Front Legal chairman Brian Mundubile says youths in the party should desist from insulting their leaders on social media every time there are some differences.

Speaking when he accompanied party secretary-general Davies Mwila in Luwingu to meet PF Lupososhi and Luwingu District structures, Friday, Mundubile said he was disappointed with the indiscipline and levels of disrespect towards party leaders by the youths.

“It is very sad that many PF supporters are in the bad habit of insulting leaders on social media. When we differ with leaders or when our leaders error, let’s learn to engage them politely instead of insulting them. Insults are not building the party. Insults are destroying the party. As PF Chairman of the National Disciplinary Committee, I am very disappointed with the level of disrespect on social media,” Mundubile said in a statement issued by PF Northern Province youth chairman Chanda Nsofu.

He said the party’s disciplinary committee would soon engage Whatsapp group administrators in order to curb the scourge.

“We will soon be engaging PF Whatsapp group administrators to curb the scourge of insulting leaders. We as councilors, council chairpersons, mayors and MPs are your servants just engage us politely whenever we do anything wrong. The fact that we are leaders does not mean that we know it all. We need your advice, we need your input and feedback constantly. After all, we are your representatives. Most of us your leaders are very open to advice and willing to listen to your input and feedback. Today it is us who are in leadership and tomorrow it will be you. How will you feel to be insulted without first engaged politely?” Mundubile asked.

He said the Whatsapp group administrators should warn, remove or block the perpetrators of the vice.

“PF Whatsapp group administrators must cage the barbaric act of insulting leaders. They have the power to warn, remove and block whoever is insulting on their blogs,” Mundubile said.

And PF national youth chairman Kelvin Sampa, who was also part of the delegation, said he would not associate with lazy or insulting youths.

“I am also very disappointed with youths insulting leaders on social media. As PF national youth chairman I will not associate with insulting youths. I will only associate with respectful youths. Neither will I associate with lazy youths. I have been visiting youths in various parts of the country and I will visit youths in each and every district,” said Sampa.