The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has renamed Los Angeles road to Kalusha Bwalya in honour of Zambia’s soccer legend.

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa announced that the decision was arrived at to contrast with Los Angeles Boulevard that runs from Addis Ababa traffic circle in Rhodes Park to the Kabulonga traffic circle near State House.

Los Angeles Road is between City Market and Simoson Building and leads into Kanyama through to Makeni Simoson.

The Mayor stated that the Los Angeles Boulevard between the Lusaka Golf club and Statehouse would maintain the name.

“Los Angeles road that starts from Lumumba road in between City market and Simoson to Kanyama has been renamed to Kalusha Bwalya Road. This decision has been made because the City had two different roads with the same name Los Angeles which can create confusion with address locations. The other Los Angeles road is one in between the Lusaka Golf club and State House. This road will maintain the name. The new tarred road from Alick Nkhata to Nangwenya road has been named Dunamis Road after the very first church building along that road. A Road in Chilenje has been named Marcha Chilemena road after we received the written request from Mr Chilemena,” said Sampa.