A 27-year-old man of Mansa has allegedly committed suicide after a dispute with his mother over a K20 he wanted to use to buy beer on Christmas Day.

Luapula Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi said Christopher Sikasote narrated to the Police how Terries Nkomanga of Musumali village had on December 25 around 11:00 hours insulted his mother prior to his death.

Chushi said Sikasote told police that on Christmas Eve around 21:00 hours, Nkomanga had insulted his own mother for refusing to give him a K20 to spend on beer during Christmas celebrations.

He added Sikasote explained that he had offered to escort the deceased to his mother so that he could apologise on his friend’s behalf.

“As they were going to the mother’s house, the deceased’s friend who was walking slightly behind saw Nkomanga drink something which he plainly thought was beer,” Chushi said.

He said after taking the substance from the bottle, the deceased suddenly collapsed and was rushed to Mansa General Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

“After investigation, it was later discovered that the deceased had taken Doom Pesticide,” said Chushi.

The deceased’s body is in the Mansa hospital mortuary awaiting burial.