Lusaka Province PF chairman Paul Moonga has asked former State House permanent secretary Emmanuel Chilubanama to exonerate himself before the provincial disciplinary committee for allegedly insinuating that President Edgar Lungu is fatigued and should resign.

But Chilubanama says he has not been served with the letter and he is wondering how it got to social media first.

According to petition to have Chilubanama expelled from the party dated January 18, Moonga stated that it had been brought to the attention of the Lusaka Provincial Committee that Chilubanama had vowed to attack PF and its leadership openly with intent to de-campaign PF and the President.

Moonga stated that Chilubanama’s odious behavior has triggered ruckus in the lower organs of the Party who had petitioned the Lusaka provincial committee to have him recommended for expulsion.

“It has come to the attention of the Lusaka Provincial Committee that you Mr Chilubanama as an ordinary member of the Party has vowed to attack the Patriotic and its leadership openly, treacherously and Maliciously with intent to de-campaign the Party and his Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Vis- a- vis your resent parading in front of Prime TV cameras and insinuated that the President is fatigued and should resign and go farming and many more unpalatable language you used and you have been using in the resent past to soother your ego,” Moonga stated.

He charged that Chilubanama’s horrendous behavior could not go on unchallenged because according to their party Constitution, any member who committed an offence against the party was liable to disciplinary action.

“Your horrendous behavior cannot go on unchallenged and according to our Party Constitution, all members of the Party are subject to the rules of the Party and any member who commits an offence against the Party is liable to disciplinary action, page eight, Article 18 and 19 states that, the primary objectives of discipline and sanctions is to educate a party member who makes mistakes and safeguard the Purity and Integrity of the Party, and depending on the seriousness of the error or offences committed by the member, sanctions shall apply up to expulsion from the Party and where necessary public denunciation for such erring members,” Moonga stated.

“Under Discipline and Sanctions Page 28 of our Party Constitution, close 26 states that a member who violets the Party Constitution, regulations or rules or does not fulfill the decisions and directives of the Party or state prestige of the Party or state, shall have sanctions applied against him and close 29 offences against the Party shall include, 29(a) violation of a
constitution, regulations, objective and programmes of the Party 29(5) breach of rules tor the Party 29(C) acting in the manner that is likely to bring the name of the Party into ridicule or contempt or disrepute 29(f) engaging in any fraudulent or dishonest practices which turn to embarrass the Party 29(i) acting disrespectfully to the Party or any of its official at a meeting of the Party and it’s in this vain that we have written to you.”

Moonga asked Chilubanama to exonerate himself before the Lusaka provincial disciplinary committee on Friday.

Take note that your odious behavior has triggered ruckus in the lower organs of the Party who have petitioned the Lusaka provincial committee to have you recommended for expulsion from the Party. Forth with you have to come and exonerate yourself before the Lusaka provincial disciplinary committee on Friday January 24, 2020 at Lusaka House as to why the Lusaka Provincial committee should not recommend for your expulsion from the Party. Further you been asked to put your defense in written within seven days,” said Moonga.

But in an interview, Chilubanama said he had not yet been served with the letter.

“Unfortunately, I have seen it on social media, I have heard something on radio, I have not been served with the same copy yet so today has ended, nothing has happened, so tomorrow [today] very early in the morning, I am sending my PA to go and pick it. Because I think I should have been the first one to be privy to it. It would be very difficult for me to comment on such before I have custody of the same letter,” said Chilubanama.