Those who see our mistakes must advise us – UPND

UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka says opposition party critics should offer advice on what to do differently because party members are like football players in a pitch who cannot see their own mistakes.

Recently, Africa Confidential reported that many were disappointed with UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s failure to capitalize more effectively on the PF’s record.

Africa Confidential stated, however, that oppositionists believed UPND would do much better this year in terms of capitalizing on PF’s record.

“Many have been disappointed with the failure of Hakainde Hichilema and his United Party fir National Development to capitalize more effectively in the PFs record but oppositionist believe it will do much better this year,” read the report.

But reacting to the article in an interview, Katuka said Africa Confidential’s report was simply someone’s personal opinion because the UPND was doing its best to ensure that they move the party forward.

Katuka, however, urged party critics to offer advice on what the party could do differently.

“That is an opinion of somebody, an individual, the author of the story. Well we are doing what we can. Within our means, we are doing what we think is right, if somebody see that there is somewhere we are missing, they should tell us where we are missing it. We are in the football pitch, we cannot see our own mistakes so those that see mistakes must advise that this is where you are missing it but as far as we are concerned, we are doing what we can,” said Katuka.

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Good attitude Honorable Katuka. That is the Spirit of Leadership. Observation: you should not say “it is a personal opinion”. How do you know maybe a group had a discussion? All facts stem from opinions. Just be open and ask for more information and strategies from those willing to assist you as a party.


So far there is no mistake in hakainde as president of UPND. We shall vote for him like before. I can’t still understand why he has not ruled Zambia when majority of
Zambians have preferred him in voting


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