Sedition-accused Life Gospel Ministries International General Overseer Bishop Joseph Kazhila says he has evidence of some men of God who pretend to be good boys to President Edgar Lungu but they campaign for his rivals behind his back.

And Bishop Kazhila says he will not stop speaking for the vulnerable even if it means being arrested again, or killed.

Meanwhile, Bishop Kazhila says the gassing incidences that have spread to other parts of the country are a spiritual problem which cannot be successfully fought using physical means.

Speaking during a press briefing in Chingola, Wednesday, Kazhila said he would expose the treacherous men of God if they decided to challenge him.

“Today these church leaders, appear good boys to authorities through lies so that they can eat from some high tables. Some among them don’t even mean well to the Republican President [Edgar Lungu], this I can attest. They don’t mean well to the government of the day, this I can attest because they, in privacy, host meetings and they go round the country helping to garner support for his rivals who will be challenging him at the convention, I have proof. If challenged by these church men, I will be willing to tell the nation what these double minded people do because I have proof and they know it. Some I have spoken to them and I have admonished them of the wrongs. You need to be honest as a church leader, the Bible tells us that ‘let your yes be yes and your nay be nay’, that’s what the Bible says,” Bishop Kazhila said.

“Some in the church like Esau have sold their birthrights for the sake of a morsel of soup, they have sold their calling and gifting’s because of the love of money. Scripture says the love of money is the root of all evil. Some of the troubles I go through, from not only now but a long time ago, have been instigated by some church leaders. Even during my detention, you may be interested to know that some among the church leaders who visited me went to an extent of recording everything I said, just imagine, these are pastors, they have come to visit me but they are recording everything I am saying and they took such recording to whatever authorities. I wonder how God, in Christ Jesus, is looking at us as the salt of the earth.”

And Bishop Kazhila vowed to continue speaking for the voiceless.

“If there is any Zambian that I have hurt, knowingly or unknowingly, I am asking for forgiveness from everybody, from the church, from politicians from the clergy from my family from my relatives, from society but when it comes for me as a church leader to speak for the people, there I will talk, I am telling you, when it comes for me speaking for God and speaking for the vulnerable who cannot speak for themselves, it doesn’t matter how many times I am arrested. If I am killed, God will raise a thousand more people who shall even talk more than I can do. So killing me is sending me to heaven, for me to live is Christ and when I die I gain. I look forward to go and be with my Lord and nobody can kill me unless my time has come with God. I will never side with evil, I will always on Gods side because that’s where I come from so if you want me to support you, support my position. But if you want to persuade me with your money to support you, sorry, I cannot sell my birthright because of a dollar, because of a kwacha, I will not do that no matter how you call me names,” Kazhila said.

“I am not any bitter about my incarceration and those who arrested me and whoever sent them, I am not bitter with any person. I am not bitter about my subsequent prosecution because if God had not allowed it, no one would have incarcerated me. My going in the cells gave me an opportunity to see what goes on in that other world. During my time of incarceration, the spirit of the Lord came upon me, I was clothed with God and whilst people were feeling pity for me those of you who came to visit me you saw how live I was and how I was preaching to you instead.”

Meanwhile, Kazhila said the gassing incidences could only be fought spiritually.

“We need to find a common solution and in my opinion, all these things that are happening where you are being gassed, you are ‘macheted’ or whatever is a spiritual war, it’s a problem in the spiritual world and we are trying to fight a spiritual problem using physical means, it’s not going to work…I know there is a solution, our government needs to be supportive, the police needs to be supportive, every civic leader needs to be supportive, the church needs to rise itself up from the cocoon, show leadership by leading people of Zambia to cry to God. People are not sleeping in their homes and how do you expect them to be productive out there,” he asked.

He charged that Zambians had contributed to the problem of witchcraft permeating into the church as they had made themselves a “cheap market for magicians parading as pastors”.

“Let me say there are people who have gotten powers from witches, from sangomas, from whatever source, you are the people who have caused problems for Zambia. You have brought a curse upon the nation and this is the very reason why it is necessary that such people are prodded to repent. Today, witchcraft has permeated itself even in the church and you Zambian people you are also the cause because you parade magicians, you run to magicians, you are turning away from your own pastors whom you have come with for a long time, magicians have invaded the nation from other countries and they have found you as cheap market. You want to go to the so-called magician to tell you your name, don’t you know your name? So it’s you the Zambian people who have caused these magicians to thrive and bring confusion on the land,” said Kazhila.