Police, get GBM so that he tells you who is behind the gassing, but please don’t tell us its UPND or the opposition because that’s nonsense, says NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili.

And Kambwili says some PF officials warned him to stay away from the Law Association of Zambia-organised Bill 10 discussion on Monday saying cadres were going to disrupt it.

Speaking to journalists at the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court, Tuesday, Kambwili said the Ministry of Home Affairs and Police were not serious in the manner in which they were handling the gassing incidents.

He urged the Police to get PF national mobilization vice chairperson Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to tell them people who were behind the gassing, as he claimed to know them.

“I think Zambia Police, Ministry of Home Affairs are not serious over this issue of gassing. We are playing hide and seek. And the people of Zambia will now start thinking that the government is involved in this scheme to try and threaten its own citizens. Because we have gone through this before, zero option, black mamba, this is exactly what happened. No arrests have been made [and] we are not being told anything. And here comes a senior member of PF saying ‘I know who are behind this, they started planning five years ago’. Police what are you doing? Here is a man volunteering that he knows those who have planned that and today people are still being gassed and you are sitting. Go and get GBM, let him tell you who are behind this,” Kambwili said.

“But please, don’t tell us the nonsense that ‘no its UPND, its the opposition’ because that is a lot of nonsense. GBM must tell you who is behind this and [you should] arrest them. If you fail to arrest by today or tomorrow, because there is a witness who is saying; ‘I know them’, then all of you in the police starting with you minister resign on moral grounds then you are useless.”

And Kambwili condemned the disruption of the Bill 10 discussion, revealing that some PF supporters warned him it would happen.

“Some people from PF called me and said ‘boss please don’t go to the Law Association of Zambia Bill 10 discussion at Intercontinental Hotel because they have organised cadres to come and disrupt it and some people maybe injured’. I even told Gary Nkombo in advance that where you are going, PF are coming to disrupt the gathering, and they thought I was joking. So when those PF cadres entered the auditorium, I already knew what they were there for. But this is the party in government that can go and disturb a very civil, well intended gathering where the people of Zambia expected to hear the truth on Bill 10 because the lawyers are the ones who know the law. So the people of Zambia expected to learn something from LAZ and it’s members. But what PF did is unacceptable,” Kambwili said.

He said the country would be turned into a bloodbath if Zambians did not rise to the PF’s “unbecoming behavior”.

“That’s why I’m saying, if Zambians don’t rise to this unbecoming behaviour by PF, this country is going to be turned into a bloodbath. I condemn in all strongest terms and with the contempt it deserves, the behaviour of PF cadres at Intercontinental last night (Monday). I appeal to President Lungu, Secretary General Mwila, and all senior members of PF please we don’t deserve this, Zambia doesn’t deserve this. Even if you want to stay in power in perpetuity, is this the way you can behave? You have stooped so low, this is unacceptable. This has never happened to Zambia and my heart bleeds as I speak to you over this issue,” said Kambwili.

“When there is violence in elections, they say ‘its not the PF’, but there (at Intercontinental Hotel) it was. Not a political gathering but they go and disrupt it, what a shame. We deserve better, Zambia is for all of us its not only for PF.”