FOUR people have been killed by mobs in Mapanza, Chilanga, and Kaoma on suspicion that they are gassers.

Meanwhile, police in Kabwe and Kaoma have arrested 14 people for murdering suspected gassers in mob justice stunts.

Meanwhile, police have rescued a 16-year-old boy of Lusaka’s Matero Township after a mob descended on him on suspicion that he was one of the people behind the chemical spraying in Chongwe.

In a statement, Sunday, police spokesperson Esther Katongo said one of the people arrested for killing a man in Kaoma happens to be his nephew.

“Police in Kabwe of Central Province have arrested six suspects in a murder as a result of mob justice which happened at Katondo Primary school in which the victim was suspected to be behind the chemical spraying. Investigation with a view of apprehending more suspects have continued,” Katongo stated.

Katongo stated that in Kaoma, police have arrested eight (08) people in connection with the murder of a 54-year-old man who is also an uncle to one of the suspects.

“In Kaoma, Police have arrested eight people in connection with the murder of Clifford Nosiku aged 54 in mob justice. Among the suspects arrested is a nephew of the deceased who at the time the mob descended on the victim, did not know that it was his uncle involved. This occurred on 21st February 2020 at around 21:45 hours in Mungongo Compound in Kaoma. The victim sustained multiple injuries on the head and the face. Sticks and stones were used to inflict the injuries. Police who rushed to his rescue found him in an unconscious state and later died at the hospital where he was rushed,” Katongo stated.

“The suspects have been identified as Sitwala Namate (nephew of the deceased), Kazhila Mutondo Clearance, Kaingu Sikasiye, Mushiba Mushoke, John Mukamba, Felix Mwinga, Moris Mubiana Mukelebai, and Paul Musheki Katongo. Investigations have continued.”

She also revealed that an unknown man in Mapanza area in Choma District of Southern Province has been murdered by an angry mob after suspecting him to be one of the gassers.

“An unknown male person has been murdered by a mob in Mapanza area of Choma District of Southern Province on suspicion of chemical substance spraying. The mob further damaged Dundwa Police Post in area. This occurred on 21st February 2020 between 21:00 hours and 22:30 hours at Mapanza of Choma District. The office block suffered broken door, damaged Verandah roof, and broken window panes. Investigations have been instituted,” she stated.

Katongo added that two other people were murdered by a mob in Chilanga and their bodies were partially burnt.

“In another development, Two unknown persons have been murdered by a mob on suspicion of chemical spraying. This occurred yesterday 22nd February 2020 around 06:00 hours in Chilanga. The bodies of the deceased were found by a member of the public along RP3 road in Chilanga with multiple injuries and were partially burnt. One of the bodies was found naked. The bodies have been taken to the University Teaching Hospital mortuary awaiting identification and Post-mortem examination. Investigations launched,” Katongo stated.

And Katongo stated that police rescued a 16-year-old boy from lynching.

“Meanwhile, Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka received a report around 16:00 hours that members of the public in Choba village of Chongwe District, located at approximately 12km from the Airport had descended on a suspect who they had apprehended on suspicion of being among those spraying chemical substances. Officers rushed to the area and found Felix Chipulu aged 16 years of Matero township alleged to have been found hiding in the house of one of the residents in the area between 10 hours and 11hours. The same was lynched and was only rescued by Police officers who rushed to the scene. He has since been detained and investigations into the matter have been launched,” stated Katongo.

She appealed to members of the public to desist from taking the law into their own hands.