The Ndola City Council management on Monday refused to refuel Mayor Amon Chisenga’s vehicle, forcing the civic leader to walk home.

And PF Copperbelt Information and Publicity Secretary Jack Muwema has expressed concern that the mayor can be subjected to walking home by the council.

However, Ndola City Council Public Relations manager Tilyenji Mwanza said the mayor was merely exercising by taking a ‘walk’.

Around 17:30 hours, Chisenga was seen walking home while the mayoral vehicle remained parked as it ran out of fuel.

Speaking in an interview, Tuesday, Mwanza said it is not true that the council does not have fuel for the official vehicle of the mayor.

“That is not true. The mayor was merely exercising by taking a walk. He did not even walk a long distance before he got a taxi and went home,” Mwanza said.

She said the mayor has a fuel allowance which was added to his salary.

Mwanza said it was, therefore, a misunderstanding that the mayor walked home because the council did not provide fuel for his official vehicle.