A KABWE man is on the run after his neighbours alerted authorities that he was selling dog meat to unsuspecting members of the public on the pretext that it was game meat.

A neighbours who bought, cooked and ate the dog meat narrated that he bought the stake after seeing that it was being sold cheaply, adding that his family suspected nothing after consuming it.

A search conducted, Monday, at his house in Zambani compound by the Zambia Police and health inspectors from the council accompanied by Kabwe Mayor, found dog carcasses dumped in a septic tank.

The remains of the dogs, mostly heads and intestines, were retrieved from a nearby septic tank by fire brigade officers while some cooked meat in a pot, suspected to be dog meat, was also found inside the house.

Bwacha Police Station officer commanding, Cosmas Banda, disclosed on site that police received a report from residents of someone selling dog meat in the area.

“We were following up on a report from neighbours of a bad smell that was emanating from Peter Chakubamba’s house and concerns were raised by residents who suspected him to be selling dog meat. We however, did not find the suspect at home as he has reportedly fled,” Banda said.

One of the neighbours, Edrin Kalekanya, said she bought a piece of dog meat at a cheap price from Chakubamba which she later cooked and ate with her children without suspecting that it was dog meat.

“I decided to buy some meat after seeing my neighbour preparing meat which she bought at a cheap price from Ba Chaku-B. I cooked it and ate with my children and nephew without any suspicions. There are actually other people in the area who have bought the same dog meat at about K30,” Kalekanya said.

And Kabwe Mayor Prince Chileshe has advised members of the public to buy meat from recognised and registered abattoirs which are certified by the local authority.

Chileshe said he was deeply disturbed when he received the report of someone selling dog meat.

He expressed concern that it was such acts that expose members of the public to diseases such as Coronavirus.

“I am very incensed with this because I fear it is such acts that expose our people to diseases. Look at this Coronavirus that we are fighting, there are reports alleging that it began in China because some people there were eating bats. It’s from these animals that we get diseases that we can’t understand,” Chileshe said.

“We have guided several times that people should buy meat from abattoirs and other authorised places to safeguard their health. I am very concerned because you will find very cheap meat being sold on the streets in compounds such as Nakoli, Katondo and Kawama”.