PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says Zambia is already on lockdown based on government’s recently outlined science-led disease outbreak preparedness and contingency plan in which measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 were highlighted.

In a statement shared on his Facebook page, Wednesday, President Lungu noted concerns by people calling on him to declare a lockdown as a way of preventing further spread of coronavirus but added that according to him, the country was already on lockdown seeing that movement of people had already been restricted.

President Lungu explained that the phase one measures undertaken by government recently through his national address were in line with the aims of a lock-down, which is; to stop the spread of COVID-19 through reduced person-to-person contact.

“In the past few days, some sections of our society have been calling for my Government to immediately halt all social and economic activities in Zambia to contain the spread of Covid-19. As you may already be aware; there is no single version of a lock-down to stop person-to-person transmission of disease. However, such lock-down strategies are adapted to local contexts within specific countries, guided by science and facts. As I have repeatedly stated on this platform and elsewhere: I will continue to ensure that the decisions made by my Government vis-à-vis Covid-19 are based solely on science, facts and global best practices in public health – not on fear, rumours or what WHO has recently called infodemics,” President Lungu said.

“In view of the above, I recently addressed the nation outlining my Government’s science-led Disease Outbreak Preparedness and Contingency Planning, whose Phase One measures include, but are not limited to, the following: mandatory testing and quarantine of all travellers for 14 days; closure of all bars and night clubs; restaurants to operate only on take-away and delivery basis; non-essential public sector workers to report on duty only on a rational basis; certain public sector workers to work from home, and suspension of public sector activities, among others.”

President Lungu stated that Zambia was already on lockdown.

“Fellow countrymen and women, as you may already be aware; a lock-down in disease control refers to a restriction of movement of people and public activity, with the aim of containing the spread of disease through person-to-person contact. Evidently, the Phase One measures undertaken by my Government are in line with the above definition and aims of a lock-down, which is; to stop the spread of Covid-19 through reduced person-to-person contact. Further, since the existing disease control measures represent Phase One of our Plan, these measures are scalable informed by science, facts and global best practices in public health,” stated President Lungu.