NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) president Chishimba Kambwili must stop complaining about being squeezed and just come back to the PF, says PF central committee member Paul Moonga.

And Moonga, who is also PF Lusaka Province acting chairman, says Kambwili should not complain about failing to pay his children’s school fees because he enjoyed the sweet process of making them.

Last week, Kambwili complained about his businesses being squeezed to a point that he was failing to raise school fees for his children.

But Moonga told News Diggers! that if hunger had hit Kambwili too hard, he was welcome to return to the ruling party where he once enjoyed government privileges during his resign as a Cabinet Minister.

“Chishimba Kamwili should come to the reality; he is now a loafer, okay. He was Minister of Information and he was enjoying the privilege of being a Minister where privileges of school fees are paid for; now he’s in the streets like myself. Who pays for Paul Moonga’s school fees? Is it the government? The answer is no! I have been out of employment since 1996 and I am fighting hard to see to it that my children go to school. Why should I cry to the government? Surely, Chishimba Kambwili, at his age, should he be complaining ati ‘government to pay his school fees’ at his age? Who would squeeze Chishimba Kambwili? Squeeze him for what! When you are a failure, you are just a failure!

He said some certain far people had weird reasoning.

“Sometimes, I don’t understand certain fat people; their thinking becomes so weird. You can’t be a cry baby, squeezing where, how? Who is government first of all? Government is you and me and the people of Zambia. But it’s stupid baby crying! Nganti njala yamu nyokola (if hunger has hit him), come back to PF! Chishimba Kambwili, just come back to PF, don’t be a cry baby! And I want to thank his MP (Joseph Chishala) for moving away from Bill 10. On that one, Kambwili you showed leadership. I also know that HH is looking at you as a potential running mate because HH is looking for a Bemba running-mate though Kambwili has no ‘stuff’, you have just a big body!”

He insisted that government only “squeezed” criminals and not innocent individuals, who had legal businesses.

“Government can never squeeze an individual, but they will squeeze a criminal. The law enforcement offices can only squeeze a criminal and not necessarily squeeze…they simply follow the matter and tell part of the story if you are guilty, you are guilty. You have another privilege to go to the courts of law where you are tried. Police can squeeze, but the courts can never squeeze you. Justice in Zambia is very firm and fair; people are acquitted and people are taken to prison. So, how can the government squeeze Chishimba Kambwili that he is now crying that he can’t pay school fees?” he wondered.

“The problem with people is that if you are doing dubious business, now they have squeezed you, you’re no longer going to sell illegal scrap metal; you are no longer going to remove railways for you to sell. Then you say, ‘you have squeezed me’ how? The stories are very common on the Copperbelt about Chishimba Kambwili’s activities. So, if the government has stopped him from selling illegal scrap metal, do you think they have squeezed you? If Chishimba Kambwili is producing maize, the rains are over let him tell us that the government refused to buy his maize. Who has squeezed him if he was selling tomatoes? Government does not do business in Zambia, they just give you an environment for you to do business. I am a peasant farmer, there is no way I could cry that government is not buying my pigs. I should find the market myself. So, if you have failed to sell your products, you can’t say, ‘government has squeezed me’.”

And Moonga urged Kambwili not to complain about failing to pay his children’s school fees because he “enjoyed the sweet when making them.”

“Bushe government ndiye ina bala bana abo. Bushe ni government yenze gona ku nyumba ya Kambwili. Enzo nvela eka zunalulila po panga bana aba. Lipilila bana ku skulu! (Is it government that birthed those children? Was it government that was sleeping in Kambwili’s house? He used to feel the sweet himself when making those children, he should pay the children’s school fees!) By the way, government does not even charge school fees in government schools. If his children are in private schools, that is his fault. If he has failed, let Chishimba Kambwili bring his children, I adopt them and I take them to government schools,” said Moonga.

“Education in Zambia is free. I am failing to pay school fees where? We have beautiful government schools in Zambia. Teachers in government schools are more highly paid than those in private schools for your own information. So, what is this nonsense about Chishimba Kambwili ‘being squeezed’ ‘I can’t pay his school fees’ ana bala bana eka afuna tumulipile ise? (he birthed his children alone, he wants us to pay for them?)”