RENOWNED musician Brain Bwembya popularly known as B-Flow says his State House visit did not result in any reconciliation between him and Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo although the latter offered to invite him to his house for talks.

Speaking on Radio Phoenix “Let the People Talk” Bwembya said he went to State House to deliver a letter addressed to the President on the many issues affecting youths but that while there, the Head of States’ aides invited Lusambo to join them.

“What is in the letter is not confidential. It is what I have been speaking about. So I want to consider this as a meeting and I was talking to the advisor to the President and the Press aide. So, they did mention to say the moment you notified State House that you are bringing this letter to seek an appointment, we actually notified the Head of State that you were bringing a letter and he said he has done a right thing, that is a good thing and that is a welcome move, that is the Head of State speaking, but I also think he should have a conversation with the Lusaka Province Minister because they are at the center of a lot of things that are happening right now before we can even actually talk about the meeting that is supposed to be there. So, they mentioned to me that the Lusaka Province Minister was around in the other building attending a different meeting and we asked him if he would have time, he said he was okay with it and they asked me If I was okay with it? So I said I am equally fine with it and so, before I can actually leave they called him in and he came and said hi,” Bweembya said.

Bwembya narrated that Lusambo created a cordial environment and even offered to invite him to his house so they could talk some more.

“There wasn’t much discussions, he just talked about that he remembers that he used to see me in Kabwe at some point when I was starting my music career. He mentioned that he had a good relationship with artists from Kabwe. So that is the kind of mood he created, he said some of the artists have called me to ask me what is going on between you and me, he did not offer an apology for the things he said to me neither did he seek an apology from me, he just went straight to say I just want to know that I am ready to be advised by you or an other youths in Zambia and you can visit my office anytime. In fact, if you like, I can even invite you home because maybe it is important to actually get to talk, that is all he said,” Bweembya said.

“Then he said I hate to dash back in the other meeting and then he said by the way is it okay that we can take a picture together because we have a mutual friend who recently was asking what is going on and why I can’t just approach you and that I want to send this picture to him to see that we actually met so that was the agreement. So he said bye and he went to the other meeting.”

He said the caption on the pictures was out of context.

“As of yesterday, I was really surprised to see the caption that came because in the communication that went to the public, before I could say anything myself when those pics surfaced, there was no mention what I went there for. It was just basically something to do with reconciliation because of the fact that obviously we met and that is unfortunate,” he said.

He also explained why he deleted his initial press statement on the matter in which he accused some of his supporters of taking the conversation out of context.

“Deleting the press statement was not because I am stepping back, it was because I later realised, reading through the comments, I realised that I used a platform that was inconsistent with the platform that I have been using previously because I have been posting videos. So, I had to man up and say let me delete because it will be misunderstood and it was already misunderstood. So, I said there was need for me to go back to the usual platform that I am using which is posting a video, where I am speaking to the people and explain to them exactly what happened. I want to reassure all the people that look up to me that we are in these together and we are stronger together. I always say alone I can go fast but together, we can go far and it will take some time but I know eventually, people will realise how much I mean well,” said Bwembya.