PATRIOTIC Front secretary general Davies Mwila says not everyone can be a member of parliament but there are plenty of other positions which ruling party officials can be awarded with.

And Mwila says indiscipline in the party needs to be sorted out immediately because people will be too busy next year.

Meanwhile, Mwila has urged party officials to ensure that a lot of PF members register as voters, saying the party which will top in this regard will surely win the 2021 election.

Speaking when he met party officials in Luanshya, Mwila said if others couldn’t fit into government positions, they could still do business and thrive, emphasising that being a member of parliament was not the only benefit available to PF members.

“That is why I love African National Congress because their succession plan is good. When (Nelson) Mandela left as president, Thabo Mbeki took over as president, when Thabo Mbeki left, Jacob Zuma took over, when Jacob Zuma left Cyril Ramaphosa became President. But in PF mulefwaya muletolaika (you want to rush before it is your turn). You need to have experience because when the 12 of you apply, we will only pick one. Some of you are not loyal to the party you go to other political parties because you get frustrated, God provides for all of us. If you are not MP, tomorrow you will be Mayor, if not, you will be PS. If not, you will go in foreign service ama positions yengi (there are a lot of positions). Others can do business, others can be in the boards, ba (Yamfwa) Mukanga he is in the board at Indeni. But because all of us are in a hurry, but as long we remain on this position, we are not going to allow that,” Mwila said.

“For how long have you been in the party for you to start demanding to be an MP? Whoever will be adopted next year will be on merit. Anyone who is trying to undermine or anyone who is trying to intimidate or harass other people he will not manage. We are there we are watching what is happening. When you are maybe a constituency chairman, you want to be MP, you start suspending people who are against you, that we are not going to allow.”

He wondered why party officials were not patient and wait for their turn to be appointed.

“I want to congratulate people that have been appointed as District Commissioners on the Copperbelt and we have done Lusaka we are now moving to Muchinga, Northern and Luapula. But I want to say these appointments must be on merit not friends. Appoint people who have suffered for the party. You reward them. You need to have the history of the party then you make appointments. I am not ashamed to say that if we appoint district commissioners, they have to come from the party. They have to be rewarded on merit. Ninshi tatukwatile (why don’t we have patience) in the party? All of us want to be MPs. You can’t be all MPs, it’s not possible. Onse uwabomba as a councillor for two years (you have only worked as a councillor for two years) ati I want to be an MP, you don’t have experience just for your personal gain you want to be an MP, there must be order in the party!” Mwila exclaimed.

And Mwila said indiscipline would not take the party anywhere.

“The party is bigger than individuals that is the first statement. If anyone thinks he is bigger than the party, he is wasting his time. In 1992, when I was a youth, abafumine mu MMD (those who came out of MMD) bali (were) 22 members of parliament. Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika, ba Arthur Wina, ba Bodwin Nkumbula we thought that was the end of MMD. MMD won some of the seats and the party remained strong and that is when I realized that surely the party is bigger than individuals. Not ati mwayumfwa ati eh, ngabamifyumyapo fye papita no mwela (You feel as though the party cannot do without you but when you are removed, there is a relief). That is why we want discipline in the party, that is number one. Without discipline in the party, we are going nowhere,” Mwila said.

“This is the right time to put our house in order because next year, all of us will be busy. Sometimes decisions when they are made, some people are not happy others are happy that is leadership. And leadership is about tolerance you can’t be liked by everyone it is not possible. I know that some members of the Central Committee don’t like me but it is leadership, you have to embrace everyone. Bambi nga uchite ichisuma shani tabakatashe (No matter the good deeds you do, some people will never appreciate you).”

Mwila said sitting members of parliament that failed to deliver would not be adopted next year.

“Those who are sitting members of Parliament have to deliver, failure to deliver they will not be adopted. All those who want to stand have to show the record of where they have worked. If you have been a councillor and you fail to deliver, you will not be adopted whether you pay people money, us we know. I am the one who will receive all the 156 files before nshilatwala (I take them). In Luanshya I said there is a sitting MP the decision of the Central Committee is that you wait, no one should campaign. Anyone who is campaigning we will kick him out. Twakafikeko muchalo cha bulayo (he will not reach the promise land),” he said.

Mwila also warned people in Mufulira against harassing a Cabinet Minister.

“There must be order in the party. This is the only party where I have seen an ordinary member is harassing a Cabinet minister, I have never seen. That is why Mufulira they will see, they are harassing a Cabinet minister like an ordinary member, no we can’t allow that. Anyone who is involved, disciplinary action will be taken, I will take action whether it is my friend or relative, he has to go. Enough is enough! These people have been paid bale balila fye indalama shabo (they are eating their money). If someone is a civil servant and wants to contest, why disturb a Cabinet Minister? I will not allow that, I will take action,” he warned.

Meanwhile, Mwila urged the party officials to take young people for the voter registration in October.

“ECZ has announced that there will be voter registration in October all of us must be ready to take people for registration not ukwangala (instead of playing). Whichever political party which will register more of its members will win the election. You start with National Registration Number. Not just fighting to be a councillor or an MP which you will not be. You think being an MP is easy? For me, I don’t even want to be an MP because I know the difficulties that are there. The Central Committee is meeting in three week’s time to make a decision on the issue of the general conference. Because of the COVID situation, we need to seek guidance from the Central Committee,” said Mwila.