PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Lumumba Ward 22 councillor in Roan constituency Angel Kahale has resigned.

According to his resignation letter dated June 12, 2020 addressed to secretary general Davies Mwila, Kahale disclosed that he had decided to leave the ruling party because he had been victimized by senior party officials on the Copperbelt Province.

“I chose not to open the ‘Pandora box’ or play to the gallery owing to the fact that I love the party and that I chose in the first place to offer service to humanity/community with no personal interest. Suffice to say that I made mention that in as much as I knew that the same by-election could be adequately funded and hopefully won, I urged you and the President to consider my matter with the seriousness it deserved than allow my concerns [to] fall on deaf ears,” Kahale stated.

“I mentioned to you, sir, that I was ‘though still’ a very unfortunate victim of some retrogressive agenda as a result of some personal hatred perpetuated by some senior party officials in the hierarchy of the party structures whose stance towards my operation as a civic leader was obstinate.”

He lamented that despite sacrificing so much for the ruling party, he continued being regarded as less important in the affairs of the PF.

“I feel not regarded as an important component of the foregoing, even when I lost my job and sold some properties to support the party in the 2016 election. I, therefore, regret to announce to you, sir, that I have stepped down with immediate effect, especially that the matter was earlier discussed. I want to make this clear that now I am resigning as a PF councillor for the same embattled ward, Lumumba, on moral grounds, as well as in search for greener pastures. I want to thank you utmost for according me an opportunity for having served as a councillor under your able leadership,” stated Kahale.