UPND chairperson for elections Gary Nkombo says the Patriotic Front is being crooked in the manner it is handling the timeframe on the mobile issuance of national registration cards.

Commenting on the announcement by Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo that the mobile registration process would commence in August and end in October, Nkombo in an interview said the time given for the exercise was insufficient.

“This is how a bunch of crooks behave, they know very well that there is no sufficient time in a month or two, even three to do that exercise. They want to disenfranchise people so that they do not have access to the polling station to vote, that is basically what it is. They cannot claim that there is no money because they have continued wasting money on induced by-elections. So, this is typical of crooks and that is what they are doing, there is no other definition for crooked people but as you know nothing lasts forever,” Nkombo said.

“Zambians themselves have caught up with them, even the current basket of voters are more than enough to kick PF out when that time comes. So, there is no amount of tricks that they will continue to play on the Zambians, their time is up. So this is behaviour of people who are drowning, they are so clumsy, they do things that don’t make any kind of sense whatsoever. To say the list the whole PF thing is just a frustration and itch to the skin. You can fool people but you can’t fool them all the time, lies give up because they don’t have legs. At one point they will be caught up and this is the time.”

He added that Zambians were tired with the PF’s crookedness and stealing.

“Worse still they have already begun the mobile acquisition of NRCs this is public knowledge. So they think they own people, the people in this country are suffering and they think they own them. Oppressed people can only be oppressed for a short period of time beyond a particular time oppressed people actually speak out and they will speak out next year. Now there is only one divide there is the PF and the rest of the country. They have fooled the country long enough this time we have caught them by their tails, there is no way that any reasonable person who is futuristic can think about another five years with PF. The UPND’s win of the 2021 election is for the majority of Zambians that is a fact. You know we have a group of people who are not only crooked where elections are concerned but they are also thieves. They are a bunch of thieves that is what they are, looters,” he added.

Nkombo said the party would continue to sensitise people to get National Registration Cards even before the mobile registration commences.

“We are doing everything in our means to tell people that they shouldn’t wait for the mobile registration when it begins. They should go and get their NRCs now. You know that this country is vast, there are many people who have come of age now who live very far from the centres where these registrations are going to be given. So those should take full advantage of the exercise when it does commerce,” said Nkombo.

Kampyongo, Friday, stated that the mobile registration exercise which was scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2020 will only take place from August to October this year.