GOVERNMENT is calling on development cooperating partners and private sector entities to come on board and assist in the successful conducting of the national census to be conducted later this year.

And government has announced that it has received 8,520 of the 30,000 purchased tablets for enumerators’ use in the first-ever e-census to be conducted in the country.

According to a statement issued by Ministry of National Development Planning Chibaula Silwamba, ministry permanent secretary Chola Chabala called for assistance from partners, financially and/or in kind to successfully conduct the Census.

“The Permanent Secretary urged Development Cooperating Partners and private sector entities to come on board and assist the Government financially and/or in kind to successfully conduct the Census, which has crosscutting benefits for all,” read the statement.

And Chabala stated that an additional 4,260 tablets were expected during the course of the week which would bring the total to 12,780.

“The Zambia Statistics Agency, which is in the Ministry of National Development Planning, has so far received 8,520 tablets and we expect to receive about 4, 260 in the next few days which will bring the total to 12, 780 tablets. We will receive the rest soon in readiness for the census. The Government of Zambia has bought these tablets and financed the census this far, which is confirmation of the Government’s commitment to ensure that we successfully conduct the 2020 Census of Population and Housing and collect accurate data within a shortest possible time,” he stated.

“Ministry of National Development Panning Permanent Secretary (Development Planning and Administration) Mr. Chola Chabala said the supplier this week delivered 8, 520 tablets of the 30, 000 tablets that the Government purchased for enumerators’ use in the first-ever e-census. He said the 2020 Census will be the first of its kind to be conducted using electronic data collection methodology. Enumerators will utilise the tablets in the field to gather and transmit data for onward compilation at the census centre. The Permanent Secretary said the usage of tablets would enhance real time monitoring of fieldwork, thereby minimise errors and help speed up processing of results. He said the Census will be conducted within the framework of international standards.”

Chabala noted the importance of the census, saying it would be cardinal in forming the formulation of the eighth national development plan.

“The Permanent Secretary explained that census of population and housing was important as it provides the Government, cooperating partners, private sector entities, individuals, and other stakeholder with accurate data to enable them plan and implement socio-economic, political and other developmental undertakings vital for national development. Mr. Chabala said the results of the 2020 Census of Population and Housing will be cardinal in informing the formulation of the Eighth National Development Plan (8NDP) for the country,” the statement read.

Chabala stated that the mapping and listing exercise had been successfully conducted adding that ZAMSTATS was on course to successfully conducting this year’s census on population and housing.