We cannot hold Kulamba traditional ceremony amid the Covid-19 pandemic, says the Chewa Royal Establishment.

Announcing the cancellation of the 2020 Kulamba ceremony of the Chewa people in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique that was slated for this monthend, Kulamba Ceremony organizing committee chairperson Chief M’bang’ombe said the supreme leader of the Chewa people Kalonga Gawa Undi had decided to cancel this year’s ceremony because of the threat caused by the pandemic.

“We have been sent by his Majesty Kalonga Gawa Undi that we should announce to the entire country and also other countries like Malawi and Mozambique that because of Covid-19 pandemic this year’s ceremony has been cancelled. You know this ceremony attracts a lot of people from within and outside and also well wishers from other tribes,” chief M’bang’ombe said.

He said Gawa Undi had also taken into consideration the increasing numbers of Covid-19 cases.

Chief M’bang’ombe said the ceremony might be held next year in an event that the cases reduce.

He said the Royal Establishment would still update the nation about future plans regarding the issue.

Chairperson of the Kulamba Ceremony invitation and publicity committee Lucas Phiri said what was communicated was the truth about this year’s ceremony.

Phiri said some people usually spend more days at Mkaika Chewa headquarters in Katete which is the venue for the ceremony.

“Mkaika is always crowded during the ceremony and that cannot be ideal because of the pandemic, so Gawa has seen it fit to cancel the ceremony to safeguard peoples’ lives. During the ceremony, water becomes a challenge as well as toilets because of the crowd. Even after the ceremony some people remain in Katete,” he said.

Phiri said Gawa had cancelled the ceremony because of the love for the people and because of his desire to abide by Covid-19 preventive guidelines.

Both chief M’bang’ombe and Phiri were speaking at a press briefing at VNT Motel in Chipata yesterday