MATERO PF member of parliament Lloyd Kaziya says he will respect the party’s directive stopping him from speaking to the media.

In a brief interview, Kaziya noted that he had opted to remain quiet so as to avoid being misunderstood by the party.

“Yes, I am not commenting on anything because I don’t want my party to misunderstand me. So let me for now remain quiet and let them do whatever they want to do. So for now, let me not give out any information,” said Kaziya in a brief interview.

Recently, Matero PF Constituency chairman Crispin Kabole banned Kaziya and his councillor Annie Chinyanta from speaking to the media until their ongoing quarrel over illegal land allocations in the constituency was resolved.

“Over the issues, which have transpired in Matero, as a constituency, we took up steps. We wrote to the Honourable MP and the councillor to exculpate themselves against what was going on in the press. And about that, we are waiting for the seven days from which we are going to act. We even advised the MP and the councillor that they are not supposed to speak to the media until this issue is resolved. And that is why, as a judge, because it’s us, the constituency, that are going to make a decision, we are just waiting for the seven days to elapse, that is when we are going to make a decision. Both the MP and the councillor are not supposed to talk to the media. In fact, we don’t allow the people to speak to the media. We have got systems of speaking to the media,” said Kabole.