NORTHERN Province Police have arrested two PF cadres for damaging a motor vehicle belonging to a UPND official in broad daylight at Kasama Shoprite.

And Police have launched a manhunt for a group of PF cadres led by Mubanga commonly known as “Bargadi” of Ndola for threatening violence and damaging UPND property.

In a statement, Wednesday, Zambia Police Public Relations Officer Esther Katongo identified the two PF cadres arrested in Kasama as Jannie Yamba Yamba and Witson Mutanda.

She said the two allegedly damaged a motor vehicle, a Toyota Vista registration number ABT 375, property of Jairos Simbeye.

“The complainant who was in the company of his friend were about to come out of shop rite where they had gone to buy commodities when a group of people clad in PF regalia surrounded their motor vehicle painted in UPND colours. Upon seeing the group , they went back in the shop but one of them only identified as Gideon was recognised and followed by the thugs and assaulted him and he sustained injuries. The thugs later damaged the said motor vehicle which was parked at Shop rite. The suspects are detained in police custody and will be appropriately charged,” Katongo said.

She said Yamba Yamba also reported that he was unlawfully wounded.

“During the same confusion, Janny Yamba Yamba aged 34, the suspect in the case of Malicious damage, reported to have been unlawfully wounded by suspected UPND cadres using a Matchet. The victim sustained a deep cut in the head. Investigations have been instituted in the matter. We are warning all political players, that Police shall not tolerate any thuggery by any individual under the guise of politics. We urge political players to be tolerant and concentrate on promoting their ideals as opposed to taking the route of violence. Police shall not spare any individual that will be found wanting,” she said.

Katongo has also revealed that Yamba Yamba 34 is also facing a charge of assault.

She said Yamba Yamba is alleged to have assaulted Mwila Kampamba aged 26 of Site and Service in Monze District.

And Northern Province Police Commissioner Richard Mweene said the police are looking for a group of people seen in a video threatening violence and damaging UPND property.

“I can say we are looking for that group. That information has just come to our attention,” said Mweene.

Bargadi, as he is commonly known on Ndola, is part of the Security committee of the PF on the Copperbelt.