Lusaka Province Minister says the road at the Kaunda Square turnoff can be mistaken for one in the United States’ Los Angeles because the quality is the same.

And Lusambo, who is also PF Copperbelt mobilization chairman, has insisted that people should not expect him to instantly fulfill monetary pledges because there’s no timeline.

Speaking when he featured on Hot FM’s Hot Seat programme, Thursday, Lusambo said “those same roads found in Los Angeles are the same roads we have here.”

“Zack (host) if you stand at Kaunda Square turn off and I take a picture of you, you might even think that you are in Los Angeles and no one will argue. Those same roads found in Los Angeles are the same roads we have here. Now, that opposition leader wants to ignore what the President is doing. Governance first of all is about appreciating what your friends have done. Look at America, they praise themselves to say ‘we have done this and that.’ We should also be doing the same,” he said.

And Lusambo said he would not allow visionless people to derail him from helping those in need.

“You pledge and then go and plan how you can give that pledge to the people you promised to have those resources. So, you pledge today, you are discussing with the people and you pledge that ‘okay guys, I will give you the car wash machine’ and immediately you are stepping out of the podium, someone behind you is saying that ‘they are failing to fulfill their pledges.’ It’s very unfortunate and I can assure you that we are not going to be derailed by visionless human beings,” Lusambo said.

“Today when I was coming to this radio station, my young man Ackson Mabeta from Mufulira asked me to say ‘Bulldozer, when are we seeing the K200,000 for marketeers in Mufulira?’ I told Ackson that very soon because I want the money to go to the intended people. So, I am not going to release this money to anyone. I have told my people that ‘don’t release the money.’ This money is going to be given by us. We will go Mufulira, we give the marketeers and I want my boy Ackson to be there. He is my brother and I know that these political parties we belong to, at the end of the day, they are just clubs. I know he is a UPND sympathizer.”

Lusambo said the PF does not give fake promises to the people.

“But for us as a team from His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu, we don’t give fake promises to the people. All the pledges which we have pledged to our people, we have fulfilled them. And those that are not yet fulfilled, we will fulfill them. I can assure you that pledges have no timeline and we will definitely go back to the people and give them what we promised them to get,” he said.

And Lusambo said politicians that have failed to persist in politics should try to venture into business by selling vegetables.

“If you feel politics have failed you, you can become a businessman and start selling Cassava leaves, Impwa, groundnuts, sweet potatoes because you have failed. It’s not like as long as you are an opposition leader, then you will end up in State House, no. State is already chosen. Who knows maybe after President Lungu, the one who will go to State House might even come from elsewhere. The opposition leaders in this country most of them think that just because they are in the opposition, they are the next presidents. There is nothing like that. There are opposition leaders that are just good at criticizing,” said Lusambo.