KABWE Central PF member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube says there is no police brutality in Zambia, arguing that there is no way law enforcement agencies can just watch if UPND members break the law.

And Ngulube says the UPND are being ignorant in attempting to seek international intervention on police brutality because foreign actors cannot interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states.

Commenting on the UPND’s decision to write to the international community on the continued arrest and harassment of its members, Ngulube said UPND members were just law breakers.

“The issue of saying police brutality, there is no police brutality whatsoever; when you break the law, you expect that the country should just keep quiet? No! The UPND must learn to respect the law, otherwise, their problems will never come to an end. We have a lot of opposition political parties in Zambia, how come it is only the UPND who is breaking the law at will? So, we want to laugh at them, the levels of ignorance are alarming! The international community cannot do anything in Zambia. Zambia is a sovereign State and it has its own laws. The UPND is a political party and it is not a state, so how is it going to run to the UN? You are not a footballer, but you are insisting that you want to play? So, they should come for a lecture. We will organise a lecture on international law,” he said.

And Ngulube said Zambia was a sovereign State, which had its own laws and policies in which the international community could not interfere in.

“First of all, it is very clear that they are very ignorant about how the international community works. You see, the international community does not interfere in internal matters. As far as we are concerned, Zambia has its own laws and it’s got its own policies and international reputation. For instance, if they are breaking the law, are they insinuating that they can break the law and nothing should be done? Is the UPND the only opposition in Zambia? It is not. It is an act of desperation to say, ‘we will break the law so when they arrest us we run to the international community’,” Ngulube said.

“As far as we are concerned, it is not the only opposition party and it is not the oldest political party. Otherwise, as far as we are concerned, even the UN wherever they are going to write it does not entertain until administrative mechanisms available in that particular country are resolved. So, here in Zambia, they must first go to court, when they have finished all the courts, even the Supreme Court, when they feel that even the courts are not fair to them, that is when they can go to the international community.”

Meanwhile, Ngulube, who is also government Deputy Chief Whip, insisted that there was no sign of the UPND were forming government next year.

“Look at how they performed in the by-elections? There is no sign whatsoever that the UPND is anywhere near forming government. They have just been making noise, claiming that they are the next government. There is nothing to show that they are the next government. They have been losing all the by-elections and they can’t even accuse anybody because they have just been losing,” said Ngulube.

“They are just trying to massage themselves because the international community they want to write, which agreement are they going to write, under which treaty did the UPND sign? Which treaty did the UPND sign to the international community for them to go and complain? When you talk about the International Court of Justice only state parties can run there; if you talk about the United Nations, only state parties can go there. They are just ignorant and it is the level of ignorance that is making them look so desperate. I think they live in a world of their own.”