THE Auditor General has revealed that over K6 million was misapplied at various levels under the Ministry of General Education.

According to the Report of the Auditor General on the Accounts of the Republic for the Financial Year ended 31st December, 2019, the General Education Ministry headquarters misapplied K2,030,195 meant for the school feeding program.

“During the period under review, the Ministry Headquarters misapplied funds in amounts totalling K2,030,195 meant for Primary Education – Home Grown School Feeding and Secondary Educations programmes on administrative activities,” the report read.

“Provincial and District Education Offices During the period under review, twenty (20) stations misapplied funds in amounts totalling K4,695,155 meant for school grants on activities such as procurement of fuel, imprest, and payment of subsistence allowances.”

The report further revealed that over K9 million in school fees was uncollected by 31 institutions.

“During the period under review, school fees in amounts totalling K99,708,153 were expected to be collected by thirty-one (31) institutions out of which K90,098,389 was collected leaving a balance of K9,609,764,” it read.

It was further revealed that 42 officers who were no longer with the ministry were retained on the payroll and were irregularly paid a total of K1,363,185.

“Public Service Management Division (PSMD) Circular No. B1 of 2019 provides that deceased employees who are not eligible for posthumous retirement should be deleted from the payroll with effect from the date of their demise and clause (d) stipulates that employees who are separated from employment by way of resignation, dismissal or discharge should be terminated from the payroll with effect from the date of resignation, dismissal or discharge. However, forty-two (42) officers who were separated from the service through death, resignation or dismissal were retained on the payroll for periods ranging from one (1) to forty-two (42) months. In this regard, the officers were irregularly paid amounts totalling K1,363,185,” the report read.

Further, 169 teachers were paid allowances totalling K1,676,587 without authority.

“During the period under review, double class and responsibility allowances in amounts totalling K1,676,587 (Double Class – K9,055) (Responsibility – K1,667,532) were paid to 169 teachers without authority from the responsible officers, Terms and Conditions of Service for the Public Service No. 34 (d) requires that a seconded officer should not receive a salary from the Public Service during the 124 period of secondment as payment of his or her salary should be the responsibility of the organisation they are seconded to. It was however observed that six (6) officers who went on secondment during the period from March 2017 to December 2019 were irregularly paid salaries in amounts totalling K427,794 for the period they were on secondment. As at 31st August 2020, no recoveries had been made,” read the report.

“Section 7 of the Public Service Management Division (PSMD) Circular No. B.31 of 2017 stipulates that teachers eligible for payment of responsibility allowances are: a. Degree holders teaching ‘A’ level classes, b. Advanced diploma holders teaching either senior or ‘A’ level classes at a Secondary School, c. Diploma holders teaching senior classes, and d. Certificate holders teaching Upper Basic / Secondary School classes. Contrary to the circular, responsibility allowance in amounts totalling K157,145 were irregularly paid to thirty-one (31) teachers who were not eligible.”