CHILANGA UPND aspiring candidate Charmaine Musonda has been attacked by suspected PF cadres at her residence as she was preparing to attend the UPND rally in Chilenje together with Judas Sikamikami and Nakachenje ward youth chairman Geshom Masaka.

Speaking to On-TV after the incident, Musonda, who was shaken, said her dog saved her because the assailants were aiming to cut her with an axe.

“I was just getting back home as the constituency chairperson and the constituency vice chairman, we were going to the rally in Chilenje. I was with another three or four officials. So as we were driving into the farm, I was walking, coming into the farm and the cadres attacked…so when I noticed that he was being beaten, I started to run towards the house, into the house and then they grabbed me, they were like 10 of them, they stole my watch, my bank cards, K5,000, my phone. I am still at home, they have surrounded the place and I am trying to get to the hospital. We tried to call the police, we have been waiting over 20 minutes, they haven’t had any response from the police yet so we are just waiting and I need to urgently get to a hospital, my neck is swollen. You know, they were actually trying to cut me with an axe, you should see my other colleague, my personal manager, he is quite bad. I can barely see because my [eye] is swollen,” said Musonda.

“I am sure you can even hear the noise, can you hear the noise of the cadres. Our country, ah, they would have killed me in front of my children, my children are so traumatised. I was like five minutes away from the door, what saved me is my dog.”

Efforts to get a comment from the police proved futile by press time as their phones went unanswered.