THE ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has donated K270,000 to St Mary’s Our Lady Catholic Parish in Mindolo, Kitwe.

During a fund-raising event at the church, PF secretary general Davies Mwila donated K100, 000 while Mines and Minerals Development Minister Richard Musukwa donated K50, 000. Other party members collectively donated K120,000, bringing the total to K270,000.

Speaking during fund raising event, Sunday, Mwila said the donated cash was readily available.

“Ifwe tulebomba na cash, because nga naya, nshilefwaya ba father bakalepepeka abantu. Tulefwaya ba treasurer ba church ngabapunda ati we have raised K200,000 ni cash, kutampa nokubomba. Noti iyo ngatwapoka. So here we are going to work with cash. So that ngatwaya, twayabombako inchito imbi. Kabili namwaishiba kulina voter registration (we work with cash, we don’t want the priest to start chasing after those who pledged to donate after we leave but we will give you cash so that you can even start working instead of waiting for people to materialise their pledges. So when we leave, we will also focus on other work because as you know, there is now voter registration and people have to go and register),” Mwila said.

“Abantu bafwile balembesha pakutila bakwate amaka ayakusala echo balefywaya. I’m not campaigning ba father. Bamo, balikwata microscope, ulefwayafye umunobe. Ifilubo, umukonko, sometime ndeumfya pa social media ati ba Chiteme bakula isikulu, umunthu alesusha. Father Lupupa preached and said nga ulefwaya ukuiminina, acknowledge umunobe efyo achita elo naiwe ulande ati ine nkacita ifi neifi (People have to go and register. I’m not campaigning here father. Some people have a microscope, they are always looking for flaws in others. Sometimes I just hear through social media that Chiteme has built a school but others still doubt that. But Father Lupupa preached that when you want to stand in public office, you need to acknowledge what others have done then you state what you will do as well.) That’s the way we do things, but ba MP don’t be discouraged. That’s how society is, teti mutemweke kubantu bonse. So ba father, mulandu wakutila, bashimapepo ilingi they depend on members of the church, so the first basket [of money] will go to the pries. (So you should understand MP that you can’t be loved by all people. So we will first help the father because usually he is dependent on the members of the church.)”