MONZE Central UPND member of parliament Jack Mwiimbu says an independent inquest into the killings of State prosecutor Nsama Nsama and UPND sympthiser Joseph Kaunda are the only way to expose the truth because Zambia Police has no capacity to investigate itself.

In a statement, Monday, police spokesperson Esther Katongo claimed that criminal-minded people were taking advantage of illegal gatherings to advance their agendas, which may lead to loss of life, and that they did so with the intention of “pushing the agenda of discrediting” government institutions for political mileage.

She added that the unfortunate deaths of the two last week could have been avoided if UPND supporters had heeded Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja’s advice not to “illegally” assemble.

But in an interview, Mwiimbu condemned the police’s justification, dismissing it as “highly preposterous”, which should not be condoned by any citizen, insisting that an inquest was the only way to establish the facts that led to the two civilians’ untimely demise.

“I want to state that the statement made by police spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo over the unfortunate death of the two individuals at the hands of the police is highly preposterous! I expected Zambia Police to be remorseful for their illicit conduct pertaining to the shootings that have occured on the 23rd of December, 2020. Zambians have been crying out pertaining to the professional conduct of the Zambia Police. Unfortunately, Zambia Police have individuals, who are unprofessional and are inclined to publicly misconducting themselves. The purported justification over the killings of the two innocent Zambians cannot be condoned by any right-thinking Zambian,” Mwiimbu said.

“Assuming that there was any illegality that occurred on that day, the response from the police to shoot to death innocent Zambians is totally unacceptable! I would like to condemn the responses of the Zambia Police over the killings of Zambians in this country. It is not the first time that we have witnessed the killings of Zambians under the hands of the police. Extra judicial killings by Zambia Police have become so common to the extent that Zambians are no longer surprised that Zambia Police can behave in such a manner.”

And Mwiimbu said that the police had no capacity to investigate the matter, adding that an inquest was the only way the matter would thoroughly be dealt with.

“I also wish to state in no uncertain terms that Zambia Police has no capacity to investigate itself. I concur with all those who are calling for an inquest over the killings of those Zambians. An inquest is the most appropriate investigation that can occur under the circumstances. Zambians who have evidence pertaining to those killings would be able to freely appear before the courts and submit. Without an inquest being conducted, all those Zambians who might have evidence will not be willing to come and provide evidence to the police. The police are known to be uncooperative and brutal to those who try and assist them to do proper investigations,” said Mwiimbu.

“I have no doubt in my mind that whatever report they are going to submit to President Lungu, it will not be professional and will not arise from professional investigation. If the police have no capacity, which I believe they don’t have, it is prudent to call upon other international wings, which can assist Zambia Police investigate this matter thoroughly. Zambia Police have no capacity to do it. Assuming they have the capacity, they will hide the truth from the public, for they will be protecting themselves. It is, therefore, my considered view and in concurring with other stakeholders, who have called for an inquest that an independent investigation be conducted to establish the truth pertaining to the killings of those innocent Zambians.”