IN memory of senior public prosecutor Nsama Nsama, who was shot dead last Wednesday alongside UPND’s Joseph Kaunda, staff at National Prosecutions Authority (NPA) gathered at their offices yesterday while clad in black to commemorate a one-week anniversary of their colleague’s demise.

The staff could be heard singing solemn gospel songs as they waited to be addressed.

The media was, however, not allowed to cover the entire event inside the NPA premises.

NPA staff, mainly consisting of prosecutors, began the commemoration by gathering at the restaurant near the NPA offices where Nsama was shot.

The staff observed a minute of silence before laying a wreath on the spot where the prosecutor took his last breath.

They later went back inside the NPA premises where they sung some songs before they were finally addressed by Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo.

However, before leaving the premises, journalists had a chance to interview Kampyongo as he went to have a look at the restaurant where Nsama was shot.

Addressing the media, Kampyongo said he was at the NPA premises to offer his condolences and stand in solidarity with the prosecutors, who were remembering their colleague.

“I just came to share grief with the NPA. As you know, the learned counsel and the prosecutors were remembering their colleague. So, I came down to share grief with them just as I did by going to the family of our bereaved comrade, Mr Nsama. So, it was something that was just (supposed) to be a private procession. In short, that’s what this morning (yesterday) was all about,” Kampyongo said.

Asked whether the State would constitute an inquest in the killing of Nsama and Kaunda, the Home Affairs Minister said any further pronouncements would be guided by President Edgar Lungu.

“You heard the pronouncements from the Head of State who has guided on the way forward and any further pronouncements would be guided by the Head of State. Ultimately, we are seeing the actions that the President is taking all in the quest to ensure that we get to the bottom of what transpired,” said Kampyongo.

And according to a memo issued to all NPA members of staff on December 29, 2020, NPA director of Human Resource and Administration, a Mr Mbembamoto, informed staff that they were all required to wear black yesterday to commemorate a one-week anniversary of Nsama’s untimely demise.

He explained that during the commemoration, a moment of silence in honour of Nsama would be observed.

Mbembamoto further advised all heads of province to identify a suitable place within NPA premises where the commemoration could take place.

He added that all members of staff should continue with their normal duties immediately after the commemoration.

Nsama and Kaunda, who were shot dead last Wednesday, were put to rest over the weekend.

On Tuesday, President Lungu said the shooting report, which he ordered last week, was not conclusive.

President Lungu, however, terminated the contract of Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of operations Bonnie Kapeso and his counterpart in charge of administration Eugene Sibote, replacing them with Charity Katanga and Richard Mweene respectively.