DEMOCRATIC Party (DP) president Harry Kalaba says the PF will be shocked the same way MMD was overwhelmed following their historic 2011 general election defeat.

Commenting on PF national party chairperson Samuel Mukupa’s remarks that there was no wind for change in the country and that he was confident that Zambians would still re-elect the PF this August, Kalaba insisted that voters were craving for a complete change of government.

“In fact, people are very annoyed! People are not only hungry, they are also angry! Even MMD had the same argument. If you remember in 2011, MMD didn’t feel the wind of change, but it is the people who decide the wind of change. It is not you who is in office who can determine whether there is wind of change or not. In 1990, 1991, Dr Kaunda and my own father, who were UNIP leaders, they didn’t feel the wind of change because they were right inside, but the people felt the wind of change! It is the people who determine that there should be change. If that guy (Mukupa), whatever you call him, said, ‘there is no wind of change,’ let him wait for 12th August. People want change and there will be change this year. There will be change of government this year,” Kalaba insisted.

“The DP is growing massively, and in fact, the DP is the only hope Zambians have. It is a democratic party because we are coming on the platform of non-violence, we don’t want tribal politics because what has been happening in this country is that people are clinging on to regions…‘This is my region, therefore, I am strong,’ we don’t want that. We want to bring back the same spirit that Harry Mwanga Nkumbula had together with Kenneth Kaunda, Mainza Chona, which led to the Choma Declaration (circa. 1972). This is what we want, as a country, let us work together from the east, west, south and from the north; we have to work together as one people. So, therefore, dividing us based on regions; dividing us based on ethic affiliations will not help. Zambians want to start afresh and this is their chance to start afresh with the DP.”

And Kalaba, a former foreign affairs minister, urged chiefs in the country to stop being partisan as Zambia’s political future remained uncertain.

“I will give you an example of His Royal Highness chief Chisunka of the Ushi, because that is the chief where I come from. He has chosen to be non-partisan. He has just said, ‘for me, everyone is my child.’ So, congratulations to chief Chisunka because he is doing that which should be done. Then chief Nkula in Chinsali, chief Nkula has been encouraging people to visit from all walks of life at his palace, I have been to his palace not once, but several times, and you will never hear him siding with anybody, he is non-partisan,” said Kalaba.

“I think this is the spirit in which we should run the affairs of this country. Chiefs are supposed to be parents and we can only say let them stay away from partisan politics because nobody can tell tomorrow. Nobody! Because between now and August, there are a lot of dynamics that will happen in this country. Mark my words, between now and August, the wheel of change is slowly turning and those who have been doubting that DP, they should watch the space between now and August.”