KAMFINSA PF member of parliament Elario Musonda says it doesn’t worry him that people like Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe are campaigning in his constituency because it is his democratic right to aspire for public office.

In an interview, Musonda downplayed Kang’ombe’s vigorous campaigning in Kamfinsa constituency of Kitwe District as normal.

“Re-contesting is a process, it starts with one applying for adoption whether incumbent or not. You go through interviews in the constituency up to the province. After that, you go to the central committee and then a person is adopted. I am an incumbent, I am not supposed to go out and start campaigning. I am working in the office. Yesterday, I was being interviewed by ZNBC on some houses that are almost collapsing and the other day I was in the constituency, in Mulenga to be specific, looking at houses that were flooded; that is what I am supposed to be doing, not telling people that I will come and do this,” said Musonda.

“Kang’ombe has a democrat ic right, there is also Chipili, Mumba, Mwanjisi there are about six. Though they have their democratic right to talk about 2021 elections, they cannot talk about 2020 because I am an incumbent. And it doesn’t worry me, anyway. Why should I be worried? I was elected to do five years of a term of office so why should it worry me unless they are saying, ‘remove him, get the remaining months from him’ then it can worry me. Besides, it is not only Kamfinsa where this is going on, they are everywhere. If you go to Nkana, Chimwemwe, Kwacha, Busakilie, it is the same.”

According to Kang’ombe, PF secretary general Davies Mwila had guided him to start establishing himself in the area so that he could stand in Kamfinsa constituency at this year’s crucial polls on August 12.