FORMER special assistant to the president for policy implementation and monitoring Jack Kalala says it is irresponsible for Vice-President Inonge Wina to say PF is a party that fights corruption and abuse of public resources.

Commenting on Vice-President Wina’s remarks in Parliament last week that she was proud to be a member of the PF because the party was committed to fighting corruption, Kalala argued that her statement was irresponsible because government had failed to take any proper action on the issuance of defective drugs.

“It is just unfortunate that an elderly person like the Vice-President can say such a thing instead of showing leadership. The Honeybee matter is actually a crime against humanity that any serious government leaders should have taken interest in and act immediately. In view of what has happened, they should immediately take action and close that company, investigate the matter and prosecute those involved. That is a crime against Zambians. It was very irresponsible of Mrs Wina to say such a thing, in fact, it’s criminal irresponsibility,” Kalala said.

“How can you say that the government is putting mechanisms and all that when actually you have not taken any action? It is not just a matter of uttering nice words that you are doing something when in fact you are doing nothing? What action has been taken on Honeybee? Is that fighting corruption? You stand up and claim that you are doing something when you are actually doing nothing. That is insulting the intelligence of Zambians.”

Kalala wondered why President Edgar Lungu was silent on the matter.

“There seems to be a conspiracy of those in government and those people who are committing these crimes against them. You bring in defective things that are risking the lives and stand in Parliament of all the places and defend yourself that you are fighting corruption when actually you are doing nothing. Even the suspension, that action is overdue, they should have done it a long time ago. It’s showing moral bankruptcy. These things we are taking lightly, I think we are not being serious with leaders. Look at what has happened in America, the lawyers have withdrawn from defending Donald Trump, that is morality. In Zambia as long as there is money, they don’t use their morality to act on things,” said Kalala.

“How can you have a President, you have the whole nation, how many people have bought those things? And the entire President keeps quiet! And then you have our Vice-President defending the wrong doings in the country. On moral grounds, the President is supposed to resign, those Honeybee have been seen joking with the President. We are also failing ourselves, we need to put in credible people, people with integrity not these people we have seen in PF and continue to support them, it is wrong. We should not just keep on crying and yet we continue to vote for them. The church also there, silence has also been so loud, the Catholic church where are they? All these scandals are killing people! They are killing people just for money.”